Our community is filled with hard-working, high achieving entrepreneurs and creatives and so work-life balance is a complicated, but highly relevant topic. We’ve shared some responses from the community about work life balance and how their views have evolved over time below.

Jenna Boraby | Owner & Maker

Work life balance is definitely a struggle for me. When I first started my business my kids were young so I didn’t have a lot of time to focus on it as much as I wanted to. Now that they are a bit older and more self sufficient, I am able to put more time and energy into my business. That definitely doesn’t mean its any easier balancing between the two, because if I’m working I feel guilt for not spending more time with my family, but when I am spending time with my family I am always thinking about everything I have to do, orders I have to make. I think it’s hard for any working parent, the guilt gets to you no matter what you do. I do like my kids seeing me work because they see how much time and energy I put into what I do, and the end result of each sign I make. I want them to see hard work pays off and you can do something that you love, because I absolutely love what I do! I think it will always be a struggle for me because since I work out of my home, my work is always there, I always see what I still need to do. I am always trying to create a better balance between the two, but I think its always something that will be a struggle as a parent. Read more>>

Daniela Radovic Hess | Artist & Painter

Balance has been an elusive term for me. To some people, it comes naturally while others need to work on it! I used to be, for a long time, always on the go, regarding work, studying, living, not thinking of the balance nor protective boundaries. Living that way, I burned out and had to go and stay in an explicitly relaxed mode for some time to recover. My system needed it. Our bodies know that, if we don’t listen, if we don’t pay attention, ignore the clues, our system stops us on its own. So, I think learning to listen to our body and needs closely, is the way to go. I was reminded lately again of the Taoist principle, that balance is not static, but dynamic equilibrium. It is all about feeling the edges but not going there, being perceptive and aware of the edges we can play more and closer to them but know where we need to stop and step back, to not go out of balance… That resonates well with me. I think this is very important for creatives and entrepreneurs, whose work and life are often inseparable. Good balance is always needed! I’m rather mindful of that. Read more>>

April Connors | Artist, Author & Drawing Instructor

I’ve spent the last few years really honing a balance that works for me, which has included a lot of trial and error. Currently I’m able to find enough time during the day to get work done, while also allowing for things such as exercise and chores. Because I’ve never had too much trouble maintaining discipline I’ve been able to find a schedule that works for me. Read more>>