We are super fortunate to be in touch with folks from across a broad range of industries and one the best things about that is that we are constantly learning things from them. Industry insiders often have all sorts of insights that aren’t available to the public at large and so we asked insiders from a variety of industries to tell us something that outsiders are probably unaware of.

Jen Rierson | Realtor®

The one comment I hear a lot is that Realtors® make a lot of money and they really do not do much. I don’t think these consumers understand what our involvement from the beginning of a transaction to the end of a transaction is, what our expenses are and the fact that we still have to pay our taxes out of that income. We can also work with someone for a very extended period of time and never get paid and often times lose money. If there isn’t a closing on a home, there is no pay day for a Realtor®. Read more>>

Megan Jewell | Pediatric Occupational Therapist

One thing about my industry (occupational therapy) that most outsiders are unaware of is how largely dynamic the term “occupational” is. It extends far beyond helping people find jobs or getting back to work, which is the assumption of many people. Occupations are anything that we as humans participate in that adds meaning and purpose to our life, across the entire lifespan. Read more>>

Britt Corrales | Owner of Mariposa Events Company

Most of my Wedding and Event Clients are unaware of how labor intensive it is to be an event manager and or florist and how much of the money they are spending goes into the labor/staff, the product and the supplies used for an event. Most of the time, when a client comes to me with both a great vision and decent budget, I have to explain and educate them on how their budget does not really match their vision and expectations. Read more>>

Stevie Trujillo | Postpartum Doula

I think when most people think of Postpartum Doulas, they think that we are in this job just to cuddle babies. Don’t get me wrong, I love baby cuddles, but I think most Postpartum Doulas are there for the parents. Watching, guiding, supporting, and educating parents during those first most important months is so fulfilling. Read more>>

Bianca Reyes | Illustrator & Graphic Designer

I think some people still struggle to believe the creative field is important to our society. I have heard a lot of comments by people saying they didn’t/struggled to follow their creative career (Theater, music, dancing, writing, etc…) because they didn’t get the support they needed emotionally to keep ongoing mostly because those careers are taken as hobbies or too risky. But we as creatives I believe are the ones that put the most effort into our work, the amount of time and heart that we take to create something, the anxiety we get for society to like what we do. Read more>>

Caitlin Keyser | Hair Stylist

One key factor outsiders do not understand about the hair industry is that hair stylist are undervalued and underpaid. Being a hairstylist is not a hobby, it’s both a career and a passion. Hairstylists are viewed to be on the lower end of the education spectrum. I’ve been in the industry for over 5 years now and we work a lot harder than people think, we continue to educate ourselves, as well as our clients. There is so much more to being a hairstylist than just cutting and coloring. Hair is a art form. Read more>>

Maggie Espinosa | Travel Journalist

Since I began as a travel journalist twenty years ago, the industry has significantly transitioned. In the beginning, I predominately wrote for newspaper and magazines, peppered with radio interviews and television appearances. Now, everything has segued online — blogs, podcasts, and videos. Because of these changes, I’ve needed to create a personal website/blog to showcase my work, as well as continually curate content for my social media platforms. Read more>>