We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Billy Bernal | Permanent Make-up Artist

I think the common misconception behind permanent make-up is that it’s specifically for women. In the last 5 years the amount of PMU procedures that are out and available is just amazing; there’s everything from scalp re-pigmentation to scar camouflaging. What a lot of outsiders may not know is that your eyebrows are what give your face expression, they literally frame your face. The best part of microblading is that it looks so natural. It gives the illusion of real hair strokes, helping you achieve your perfect brow. A lot of men are nervous about getting their brows done because they are afraid of it looking too feminine or too precise. In my opinion, microblading is a collaboration between the client and the artist where you work together for that perfect result. Read more>>

Regie Brown | Business Owner

The public in general still sees CBD as marijuana, or THC. The cannabis plant has 2 strains, hemp and marijuana. Hemp is high in CBD and very low in THC, while Marijuana is high in THC, and low in CBD.
CBD has been legalized on the federal level and is legal in 46 states with legislation pending in the remain states and territories. Read more>>

Niki Jessup and Corinne Bourget | Co Founder

We’ve noticed people think shoes just pop out of some fancy machine already made, laced and ready to be placed into their box. One time when we were at a fair in Toronto to sell our sneakers, we overheard passersby commenting on how we must have only put in the laces. They were implying that we received the sneakers already made and all we did was place the laces. Hand crafted sneakers are actually so complex. With our 4 hands only, Corinne and I click the leather (clicking means cutting the 10 pieces of leather, the 4 reinforcements, the two insoles and the 6 pieces of lining leather with a knife. Then we prepare the pieces. We skive them, which means thinning out the edges where we stitch to avoid bulkiness. We punch 32 holes per pair for the laces, and 24 smaller holes in preparation of the hand stitches. We machine stitch the pieces together, placing back seam tape for durability in the back strap and tongue strap, fibreglass reinforcements under the laces, and a foam cuff at the ankle for comfort. Read more>>

Bethany Warren, LCSW, PMH-C | Psychotherapist specializing in Perinatal Mental Health and Trauma

May is Maternal Mental Health Month, and a great time to recognize women and mothers. Let’s hear it for women and parents right now during Covid and let’s recognize how hard it’s been to change and adapt! As therapists transitioning from our offices when Covid hit and providing our therapy via virtual means, via video platforms such as Zoom, many of us were really grateful to keep working and still see our clients. Teletherapy was an effective way of providing treatment to our clients. I started noticing a significant increase in calls from potential clients seeking out therapy. More folks are working from home and have more accessibility to therapy and there is also an obvious increase in stress this year. We see this supported by research: people are struggling and their mental health is worsening. Read more>>