How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Andreas Anastasis | ARTIST

I think ignorance is bliss, I really wasn’t aware of what it exactly takes so start a business, but I could visualize it and I knew I could create an environment specifically for what I need, and that was so exciting to me, and so I just jump right in to the deep end…. best decision I ever made. Read more>>

Daygo Smoove | Billboard charting Recording Artist/ Producer Owner & Lead A&R of Tha Fly West Kollective LLC

I believe taking risk is essential achieve true success. Its overcoming the illusion of fear. Falling in love with the unknown, and embracing the change no matter what. As far as the role it plays in my career it is part of how I adapt and stay relevant. It’s the business and entrepreneurs who innovate in the face of adversity who end up on top. Every one said it was a risk to invest in bitcoin, but look at where we are today. When it comes to my life peep the knowledge. I took risk when I needed to, I knew what I was getting into. You have to be sure of yourself and know whatever choice you make you gotta live with. I’ve taken risk good or bad, its the pros and cons you gotta weigh out. Life is about choices y’all choose wisely. Read more>>

Bobbi Hamilton | Celebrity Yoga Trainer

I think the statement “no risk no reward” holds much truth. At some point you’ve got to take the leap, either you’re in or you’re out. I think the decision to take the next step should first come with a build up of knowledge or practice, and the secret ingredient I believe is visualization. When you take the leap, can you see that destiny through to fruition with success? I learned this skill as a 10 meter platform diver in college. A new dive would mean you have to trust yourself to do something you’ve never done before. There is a lot of pain and possibly death if you don’t jump and completely go for it. We would practice that new dive in our minds over and over again first before taking it up onto the edge of the platform. Visualization is key, do you see yourself performing with success or failure? Your mindset will determine you’re outcome. Read more>>

Brad Piersons | Custom Van Builder

Risk has been a huge factor in both my work and my life. From quitting my regular job and starting this business to taking a saw to the wall of a brand new van for the first time, risk seems to be at every turn. Being that I work alone and mistakes can be extremely costly or dangerous, the constant consideration of the risks involved can quickly result in a minor panic attack. While it would be foolish to avoid thinking about risk completely and old phrases like “No risk. No reward.” offer little to no help, I’ve put a lot of effort into focusing on the outcome, taking the proper safety precautions and formulating a plan for what to do if things go wrong. It turns out when you take the time to thoroughly think through your process and put a solid plan in place, you come to the realization that the task isn’t actually all that daunting and, perhaps more importantly, mistakes can be fixed. More wood can be bought. Read more>>

Miguel Zazueta | Vocalist

I believe that risk is a very important part of growth. We should always be mindful about what we are risking, but many times the risk has more to do with shame, embarrassment, or those kinds of negative emotions that emerge from insecurity. I believe that confronting those kinds of fears is a risk everyone should take. Always have faith in yourself and your ideas, other people’s opinion shouldn’t be part of your concerns. Be true to yourself and take the risk of creating new paths. Read more>>