We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Kathryn Keener | Owner, One Moon Doula Services, LLC

I think in general, a lot of people just aren’t clear what a postpartum doula actually is! Some are more familiar with the support a birth doula provides during labor and delivery. Postpartum doulas begin their support in the home after the baby has arrived. Their role is broad and comprehensive in that they can check in on the healing or adjusting parent/s, answer the inevitable questions that come up early on, fix a home cooked meal and tidy up. They can help a sibling process the change, and provide hands on help with the newborn so that the parents can get a break to catch up on sleep or have an uninterrupted shower! These shifts can happen during the day, or overnight. They are there to provide tools and strategies for dealing with challenges such as sleep deprivation, establishing a feeding relationship, or recognizing postpartum mood or mental health issues. Read more>>

Anastasya Korol | Photographer

I think that most people underestimate the amount of behind the scenes envisioning, prep work, and planning that goes into photoshoots. Sometimes clients approach me saying “I want someone with a nice camera and a good eye”. Photography is so much more than that! For every single photoshoot, I spend time imagining the client and their style in various color schemes, fashion choices, and backdrops or scenes. During an initial consult, I try to get an idea of the client’s personality and how I can bring out their best qualities during our session. I spend at least 2 hours on every session, sometimes more, just brainstorming locations, poses, and composing images in my head. I spend my days off visiting locations beforehand to get a better idea of the environment, lighting, and mood, and to plan several shots or scenes ahead of time. I plan trips and travel based on exploring new and interesting locations for clients. Read more>>

Samantha Black | Wife + Mom + Photographer

How much work goes on behind the scenes. The session doesn’t stop when our camera stops clicking. It’s hours sometimes of editing work that needs to be done. Read more>>

Brian Macdonald | CEO M’Porte

One thing that continues to surprise people is that the “compostable” takeout packaging, that is so prevalent today is never composted. In fact, only a couple cities in the United States have commercial composting facilities in place to handle that type of material. Not to mention many “certified compostable” dishware items are treated with perfluorinated compounds (PLA) which contaminate our waste, water, soil and bodies. The beauty of composting is so that it could be used as fertile soil, but farmers won’t purchase compost that has PLA in it because they know how bad it is for people and crops. Read more>>

Reggie Brown | Childrens Book Author/Illustrator

As an Illustrator for children’s books, I believe the one thing most outsiders aren’t aware of is how much time it takes to put out a book. It’s usually a year-long process. Read more>>

Trisha Kuhlmey | CEO & Founder

The main thing, I think, is the true importance and significance of drinking water in our day to day life. Here in America, we don’t think about it. It’s invisible. We have the privilege to walk into our bathrooms or kitchens, go to a faucet and turn it on or off to have running water. It’s almost as if we have no responsibility for it.  In other places around the world, your whole life is spent thinking about water, because there is no infrastructure in place to have safe drinking water readily at your disposal. Here, we don’t really have an awareness of the significance of water and our relationship to it.  Water is the most sacred and precious resource that we have and we need to be aware of it. Our body is made out of water, and the water we pour into our bodies through drinking impacts our health and wellbeing.  At Liquid Eden, we study levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) to see the amount of chemicals and toxins are dissolved in San Diego tap water. Read more>>

Ro Zinniger | Professional Confectionery Artist / Instructor / Trainer

First, Diversification of product use. For me, I have worked in the food/baking industry over 2 decades, and when I decided to launch my brand, Ro Z’s (pronounced Rosie’s), I had to launch in the beverage industry. I was working in food manufacturing at the time, all the while working my business on night’s and weekends to earn extra money for my daughter’s last years of college. Who knew that it would be the very stepping stone to resurrection of my business on a whole new level. Outsiders / consumers may think that because a product is used in one application, it can’t transfer over to another. This takes a bit of education, lots of marketing and creativity to change their view. Second, and most importantly, perception of products. Just because it looks the same, it is not the same. Many believe that, sprinkles for example, are the same because of their look and sales presentation. Read more>>