A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by.  So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Jenni Summer | Owner & Photographer, Jenni Summer Studios

I am a lover of beauty, at heart. Inspired by my travels around the world and meeting so many amazing people, I find everyone so uniquely beautiful. I believe that each of us shares a purpose: to be aware, astonished, and thankful. When I pick up my camera, my mindset shifts from just idly experiencing my surroundings to genuinely being aware of the beauty around me. With portrait photography, I find beauty within each and every person. I find what makes them laugh and how their nose scrunches up when they do. Then, I capture that moment. A beautiful, unique moment frozen in time. Read more>>

Kelsey Chang | Orange County / Los Angeles Wedding & Engagement Photographer

I’ve always been inspired by stories: the silly, heartfelt, happened-to-be-at-the-same-place-at-the-same-time, resilient, quirky, awkward, what-are-the-chances stories. The “untold stories” walking around you, passing by you in a grocery store, waiting your table, or holding the door open for you that we’re unaware of. Photography has the power to transfer and convey emotions and stories that words just don’t do justice – and I get to be a part of that. Read more>>

Keith Quinata | Environmentalist & Founder

I find inspiration through many different things than I can count, to be honest. Family, nature, failures, successes are just a few that are the core of my being. But if I were to give an example of what inspires me? Nature! The magnificence and beauty of nature are both calming and exciting. For me, nature exemplifies an ever-changing environment. For example, I enjoy hiking because even when you’re standing still in the middle of a forest or jungle, everything around you is very much alive and amplified. I inhale and exhale in sync with everything around me. Nature humbles me. It reminds me to always look at the bigger picture of life rather than worry about the little things. Read more>>