How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Mindy Collins | Director of Corporate & Community Philanthropy

Taking risks have played a critical role in my life. I strongly believe that it’s important to take risks, big or small. Risks help us strive to be the best person, leader and person that we can be. Taking risks has helped shape my current life and I have no doubt will continue to be my driving force. I have always been a “calculated” risk taker, asking myself, what will the outcome be? Will I succeed? Will I fail?, What will be the consequence of taking this risk? It’s important to have this discussion with yourself every time you take a risk. I have three examples of critical risks that changed the path of my life for the better. Read more>>

Roger Ma | Entrepreneur & Business Owner

Risk will always be prevalent in just about every aspect of life. It starts off with the choices you make as a young individual up until your final days in life. There’s an opportunity cost for any choice you make. If you choose to pursue a passion and craft that may not initially pay as well as a “stable career” that your parents desire for you, you risk being criticized by your family and fellow peers for not following “world standards” and also giving up the annual vacation and stable paychecks that many people want to seek. But I truly believe following your passion and pursuing it full-heartedly will grow you along the path once you reach your goal. The journey of getting there will knock you down over and over again and can make or break one’s morale and drive. Read more>>

Alexis Greene | International Higher Education Professional & Lifestyle Enthusiast

Risk-takers have higher levels of curiosity, which was the case for me, a small-town girl from Mobile, Alabama. Growing up, my Dad worked 6-8 months overseas for an international shipping logistics company, so we would make frequent trips to the airport to say our goodbyes. I truly believe those early childhood experiences of seeing my Dad travel to foreign countries fostered an early age of curiosity, which inevitably led to a life of risk-taking. My first experience with risk-taking was shortly after I graduated with my first master’s degree and moved to an even smaller town in Mississippi. Although the town had a smaller population than Mobile, it was in a different state, so I felt empowered about the risk of moving away from home. I accepted a teaching contract in a small Catholic school, which paved the way to my journey of becoming a Catholic. Read more>>

Yna Pineda | Queer Musician

For as long as I can remember, I really hated taking risks despite me preaching the idea of living or dreaming big, and rather settling for a lot of things. For one, I settled with pursuing nursing for the sake of my family, even though part of me wanted to be either a musician or actress back then. I settled for a college I didn’t really want to go to, but it saved me money since it was close to home. I also settled for a lot of crappy relationships because I was scared to be alone. But I think the biggest thing I settled for was the comfortable. Whether that was in my music, my major (which I ended up studying Marketing after switching my major 3 times my first semester), my home life, my habits, and everything that made it easy, because doing what was hard just seemed too much. But I think what changed my perspective on it was the night I came out to my parents. Read more>>