We have the good fortune of connecting with so many bright, accomplished folks from a variety of industries and we often ask them to tell us what they feel has been the most important factor behind their success. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Anthony Arnold | Real Estate Agent

The most important factor to my success is my will to not Give up. There’s an 85% drop out rate in the Real Estate Industry and I refuse to add to that figure. I enjoy what I do everyday. Theres no day like the other. One day you’re showing beautiful homes in the city with awesome new clients, then the next you’re running out of gas because you’re slammed with appointment’s and didn’t have time to re-fuel lol. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I enjoy the different style of homes San Diego has to offer. The interior Design and architectural work keep the clients and I entertained. I’ve been wanting to start my real estate career since I was in high school and I got the chance to start in America’s finest city, San Diego. Read more>>

Shell Dransart | Branding and Headshot, and Family Photographer, and Empowerment Life Coach for Women

As a professional portrait photographer, I am very aware that being a photographer in business nowadays isn’t always easy. Many of my very talented friends and colleagues have quit due to high competition and over saturation on the industry. It seems photographers are a dime a dozen, and especially now days where everyone owns a camera on their phone! Read more>>

Zevi New | Rabbi & CEO, Youth Action Movement

The most important factor behind the success of our organization is the way in which we have fostered a sense of community among individuals who vary in looks, purpose or even belief in our faith (Judaism). We think communal but act individual. By connecting with a meaningful experience, every teenager possesses the potential to unleash youthful powers into the world and disrupt the status quo of how we think, act and believe as a society. Read more>>

Jennifer Le | Pharmacist and Food Entrepreneur

I am a Professor and Doctor of Clinical Pharmacy at the University of California, San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy (https://profiles.ucsd.edu/jennifer.le) and specialize in pediatric infectious diseases and pharmacology for over 20 years. Serving in the capacity of an invited member for the Food and Drug Administration and National Institutes of Health, I support human health by consulting on pharmacokinetics – the process by which a drug is absorbed, distributed, metabolized and eliminated by the human body. I have published over 150 articles in reputable medical and pharmacy journals and books, including a national guideline that applies vancomycin pharmacokinetics (an antibiotic that treats serious infections) to ensure its safe and effective use in hospitalized children and adults. Read more>>