Parenting is an incredibly important responsibility and so we wanted to get a conversation going with input from parents in the community. We asked them: what is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Michael Valenzano | Founder & CEO

Becoming a parent for me was mind-bending. Up until I married my wife I never envisioned myself as a parent. But, as the saying goes, “Never say never”. I had kids a bit later in life which has obvious pros and cons. But, when I think about the most important thing I’ve done, or continually try to do, in terms of an impact on my kids, I would sum it up as being available and selfless with my time. We are all busy. We will live in busy times with endless connectivity to our digital selves. Our household is composed of two kids under 4 with two full-time working parents. And, on top of it, I’m an entrepreneur with one toddler-aged business and one infant-aged business. So, my wife and I are definitely busy. Busyness aside, I make a concerted effort to put my time to its best and highest use – both at work and at home. Read more>>

David Dahl | CEO

I have two daughters which I’m proud of. I’m sure they’ve seen the good and bad growing up with me. They are both moral people and assets to society. I pushed on them to be successful and pursue financial success which I was wrong to do that as they both went into other directions as teaching and working at the Humane Society. The things they did take me up on is, hard work, being above the fray, treating all living things with respect and love and to help others. I always told them if you want to be happy, you need to live by a dirty four letter word called work. They have embraced this concept and I know it will serve them well. A friend whose children were extremely successful and I felt I had maybe failed mine, told me, David what really matters is that they are very moral and ethical people and he was right. Read more>>

Lauren Tankersley | CEO

We respect our kids – we respect their feelings, their perspectives, their likes and their dislikes. We also ensure that the respect we provide them is reciprocated – to us, their siblings, their teachers, their friends, their coaches and all those with whom they interact. I believe that the respect that we have and show our kids: • Helps to teach them to make good decisions and listen to their bodies – when they are tired, when they are hungry, and when they just need to play. • Allows us to not shy away from hard issues and address them head-on (in an age-appropriate manner). • Empowers us to admit when we have screwed up and apologize to them as needed. • Encourages them to discover their passions. • Enables them to listen attentively to others, such as their teachers & their coaches. Core to the respect that we provide to our kids, is that we afford ourselves this same respect. Read more>>