We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Dave Gostenhofer | Owner

Everybody wears t-shirts, but very few people know how they are made or the process of how to decorate them. I love to give our customers a shop tour when they are placing an order so they can see the behind the scenes action and gain a new appreciation for how much work goes into their order. From creating the design to making the screens, mixing the inks, to setting the job up on press. It’s a fun process but requires many different machines, hard work, and skills developed over a long period of time. Read more>>

Michelle Harrison-McAllister | Interior Designer

There are a couple things and first being is they don’t realize how much physical labor is involved. I am not just sitting at a desk all day creating designs. I am on site measuring, moving furniture, etc. all of this is part of the process. The second is that that people are often unaware of the analytics that are involved in multifamily design. Research is essential to design toward your target market, so you have to know everything about their lifestyle such as where they work, where they shop, what car they drive, where do they eat, how much time they spend on a laptop vs tablet, how much time do they spend watching TV, etc. All of these statistics play an important factor in the design of space to ensure if fits with their lifestyle needs. Read more>>

Emily Hernandez | Naturopathic Doctor

I think when people hear holistic medicine they think of more surface type healing or “woo woo” medicine . Naturopathic doctors actually have quite extensive medical training including 4 years of medical school, hands on clinical rotations, a science boards examination and a 3 day clinical boards examination to get your license. Honestly it’s less about what we learn but more how we take this knowledge and approach supporting health and healing. It’s one thing to know all the medical information but it’s another thing to dive deep into understanding the healing process and what goes into that. How to combine the information received from a medical intake and diagnostic labs and put it together to understand the person in front of you as a whole. How their symptoms are all interconnected and telling a story about what’s going on at the root of their issues. Read more>>