We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Leandra Frost | Owner and Operator of Extensions & Locks by Lee | Master Braider

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is that I braid for haircare not just style. While braiding I pay attention to the health of my patrons edges, the condition of their hair, and if applicable the risk of a particular style or technique on their hair. I braid for people that wear braids for a lifestyle and not just an occasion. Read more>>

Ervin Galdiano | Co-Owner

In my opinion, the most important factor behind Ice Box’s success is being actively involved in the community. One of the most common ways that we stay engaged with the community is through hosting events and fundraisers. Since we are so close to San Diego State University, we often host fundraisers for different student organizations. We’ve also hosted a few BTS cup sleeve events, open mic nights, and collaborations with local organizations as well. Read more>>

Taylor Smale | Founder of @sandiegojobs

The most important factor behind the success of @sandiegojobs is consistency. Whether our job post gets 1 like or 100 likes, posting jobs daily has helped dozens of local San Diego businesses find the best candidates to fill their available jobs. Read more>>

Kari Vettese | Founder and Creative Director of Marilyn Hatten

I feel the most important factor behind success, in anything, is originality. Originality or authenticity can only arise when you are connected to yourself; it is an act of honesty and I believe this is the main ingredient to success. I believe it is important to be in love with the ideas you are presenting to the world and to not worry if everyone else will be in love with them as much as making sure you are. If you are honest with yourself, everything else follows in line. Read more>>

Tracy Zemke | Owner/ CEO

Customer Service Great Food Attention to detail Not afraid to work hard Not afraid of a challenge Amazing Staff Wonderful relationships with others in the industry Read more>>