We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Alexandra Leigh | Intuitive Brand, Web and Packaging Designer

I run a brand design studio specializing in branding wellness and spiritual brands. While I have been a designer for many years, deciding to go on my own with my own design studio was very empowering. As many know, starting a business is not an overnight process. Read more>>

Bergé Garcia | Stylist

The most important factor to my salons success is to always offer a very high end experience. From the minute the client walks in the door to the luxurious hair washes, drinks we offer, products. Read more>>

Vanessa Barnes | Creative Director

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is simply not giving up! Society is at an all- time high of microwave cooked instant gratification. People trying to go viral on social media. What people don’t realize, if you don’t have any long term substance other than your 15 seconds of fame (Yes shortened from 15 minutes). Read more>>

Mazzy Eckel | Miss Washington USA 2022

Intentionality and Vision. I am a political scientist and my background is campaign management. After my year as Miss USA I’d like to focus more on propelling my career in campaigning and journalism. I recently graduated from Seattle University which was very difficult. Even with financial help, I was working full-time throughout college to pay for competing for Miss Washington USA and personal expenses. Read more>>

Jordon & Melissa Jew | Registered Nurse, Accountant, & Food Bloggers

We try to keep our passion project a true passion project! It’s hard not to get caught up in the number of followers or likes, but the second that plagues your mind, it ruins the fun. Most importantly, it’s about having fun going on food crawls and sharing our genuine experience with the foodie community and friends that keep up with our blog. Read more>>

Stephanie Taylor | Celebrity Spray Tan Artist and Educator

AUTHENTICITY. Once I stopped trying to follow industry trends and started to put all of my effort into the things that I love and what means the most to me, that’s really when my business began to bloom. Being unapologetically me has drawn my target audience to me and I’m so grateful for the love and support. Read more>>

Lucas Wald | Golf Teaching Professional

• My approach to training. My approach with my students incorporates some of the work of people whose field of study is all about how people learn skills and develop expertise. o My approach with golf is the same way that you’d learn a foreign language or a musical instrument. Read more>>

Rhea Diehl | Multidisciplinary Visual Artist & Creative Entrepreneur

Oh, definitely the message you spread as a brand, and the cohesion of that message across the components of your brand (and yourself!). When it comes to your brand, you want the message you’re spreading to be the defining factor, or at least one of the main characteristics that will influence people to work with you. Being genuine to your brand and employing that message throughout all aspects of your life is so important, especially as an entrepreneur in times of such corruption. Read more>>

Keri Kemper | Jewelry Designer

The most important factor behind the success of Saughter is the experience that we are able to offer our clients. We started out creating one-of-a-kind jewelry experiences through permanent pieces for sisters, best friends, couples, and more. Read more>>

Bing Lee | President/CEO

The most important factor behind my success is – Mentality, I believe as long as a person has the right mentality, they’re able to accomplish anything they want. Everything you want to do starts with your mentality. The mentality is just the main part. There are different parts of the mentality that you need to focus on. One of them is how you think. Read more>>