We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Joline Escat | Conscious Parenting Coach

That almost every parent struggles and feels insecure in their journey at some point. And we could be our village if we would understand and be aware of that. Read more>>

Cristina Sanchez-Kerr | Nonprofit consultant, practitioner, and researcher

The non-profit sector has grown and professionalized over the past few decades but is ofteb misunderstood by those outside the sector and even those within it. One major misconception is nonprofit staff/employees are volunteers without professional training that are “do-gooders”. Read more>>

Muriel Ottoni | Influencer & Digital Marketing Consultant

People usually think that to be an influencer is super simple and it’s all about fun. Well, that is definitely not the whole picture. Of course I have fun visiting new places, meeting the business owners and their staff. But just like in everything I do, I take it very seriously and professionally. Read more>>

Julie Freeman | Functional and Integrative Medicine Provider

Well, I began as the dietitian who did NOT want to be in the basement of the hospital with a hairnet on! My journey has led me to both sides of medicine – conventional/clinical and ancient/intuitive. I believe in the best of both worlds and am a bridge between the two. This has been a mission and passion since first graduating in 1979. Read more>>

 Luke Hamel | Heating and Air Conditioning

This question needs to get discussed regarding the Heating and Air Conditioning industry in San Diego. While it directly affects our business, it affects far more customers each year than our company will likely ever serve. Read more>>