There is a wealth of research that indicates that certain habits can help increase your productivity, creativity, and/or drive. So, we thought we’d reach out to respected members of our community and ask them what habits they feel helped them succeed.

Jennifer Derg | Photographer and Business Owner

I believe, aside from all technique and talent, having consistent communication, response time, camaraderie, and fun with my clients has kept my business going for 10 years. There are so many amazing photographers in the world and in San Diego, to have someone repeatedly choose you says more about your ability to show up for them and give back to them, as much as the beauty in the images you produce. If you take great photos, but can’t return them in a timely fashion or respond to their requests, you will not hang on to those clients longterm. I am proud to now call so many clients friends, and I believe they return year after year and refer their loved ones on my dependability and making things fun, as much as loving the images they receive. Read more>>

Michelle Lubin | Owner and Artist of MDFerrera Fine Art

Like most artists, we have unique, outside the box quirks, but I believe it’s these innate qualities that keep our creative intentions pure and as a comforting reminder of who we really are. We may stray at times, do what we need to stay financially afloat, but no matter what, it’s that creative fire within that keeps us grounded and pushing to meet our individual goals. As artists/entreprenuers, we are our own creator, marketer, business planner, etc. Time management is key. Especially as a parent, we are constantly adjusting to changing schedules, but again, I believe that intrinsic need to create is an asset in making and managing time to be productive. We may feel at times that have so little of it, but that fire within begs to be met. I’ve always loved notebooks and journals, making lists keeps me in check of goals met and ideas I want to put into fruition. I believe the art career is what you put into it, sprinkled with a little bit of luck and timing. Read more>>

Jon Tilghman | Husband | Filmmaker | Photographer | Friend

Reading. I was never one to read until after highschool. My vision would blur as my imagination pushed through my eyelids whenever a book was placed in front of me. A gear must have fallen into place because I now love reading. How else can you learn from the top professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs? Reading would have to be among the most valuable habits I have developed. Read more>>

Julie Ann Stricklin | Prolific, eclectic,diverse & hard worker

I have been a life long artist, illustrator and designer. The one thing that has helped me maintain my momentum is always having a dedicated space in which to create. It helps me to get to work as inspiration hits. I work daily, so my dedicated space is always active. My tools are in place and all I have to do is sit down and get to work. Read more>>

Robyn Scherer | Photographer

I feel that consistency in your daily approach as well as your yearly approach to your business is key. To build a business that lasts, you need to tend to it every day, conquering the immediate “to do” lists, as well as continue your education in your specific area minimum once a year. I tend to do my “continuing education” in the first quarter of the year when I am not as busy on location shooting. I will take a class on being more creative, or how to improve my images through creative shooting or unique editing. I have taken flash classes to enhance my event shooting skills to posing breakouts to add more personality or to draw out the personalities of my clients. Constantly working on and in your business is key. If you’re only focused on the immediate tasks at hand, you’ll lose whatever overall focus and drive you had because you’ll burnout. Read more>>

Brad Hunter | Entrepreneur & Adventure Enthusiast

Persistence and confidence. In launching AQUAlounge I had zero experience in any aspect of the industry; boats, bars, restaurants, tours…none of it. I’ve started multiple businesses in other industries, which I also had no prior experience in, and thankfully they’ve work out so the lack of experience didn’t bother me in the least bit. It took 6 years to get city approval for AQUAlounge and there were countless times I thought it would never happen. There was always that feeling that I just had to take one more step, try one more angle before throwing in the towel. Then I’d make it a few more months before another seemingly insurmountable road block would come up. A big part of what kept me motivated was the confidence I’d get when discussing the concept in detail with others. Read more>>

Sherrie Long | Owner of Artists by Sherrie Long (a on location Hair & Makeup styling company)

I feel the habits that have helped my business succeed and grow are to be as responsive as possible. When a client reaches out they want to receive immediate information. We work very hard to get the information a client is requesting on our business immediately so our clients feel confident in hiring our company. Read more>>