There is a wealth of research that indicates that certain habits can help increase your productivity, creativity, and/or drive. So, we thought we’d reach out to respected members of our community and ask them what habits they feel helped them succeed.

Christine N | YouTuber & Content Creator

Determination, pushing forward, and striving for improvement has helped me get to where I am today. There are so many factors and distractions that can help or slow down one’s success, so I believe that having determination and motivation in what I want to pursue will help me succeed. Read more>>

Laura Meissenburg | Designer, Fabricator and Business Owner

The lack of a business degree from Harvard, shouldn’t stop anyone from trying to start a business. My shelves are lined with business books, dozens and dozens. When I needed education/advice/help, I bought a book. There was always some nugget of information in all of them that helped. Learning every aspect of one’s business is crucial. I learned sales and accounting, I can design. I know how to run a shipping terminal and I can do an estimate. Once I grasped the essence of the position I could hire an expert. Read more>>

Derika Denell Gibson | Communications Specialist & Marketing Consultant

I believe reading 30 minutes per day and maintaining a weekly workout routine helps to me to stay in shape mentally and physically. I’m also an avid researcher, as I have found being familiar with the data surrounding specific trends and industry-specific solutions have helped me to increase my closing ratio with new clients and network with more like-minded individuals. Read more>>