We all face tough decisions and often we struggle to make those choices because we aren’t sure how to think it through. We’ve found that it can be helpful to think about legacy. What do you want your legacy to be? Better understanding our end goal can often help us determine what to do today.

Cynthia Kaui | Business Asset Developer

I want my legacy to be defined by the amount of lives I impacted. My legacy will reflect that I lived a life of contribution, not consumption. I want people to remember me for what I stood for and what I did for people and their families. I want to be remembered as someone who served and loved people. I believe that creating a legacy is building something that lasts forever. For my own family legacy, I am creating a business asset to pass down to my children, so that we can provide hope for families financially. Read more>>

Bella Dee | Model & Entrepreneur

I like this question because it gives me a chance to reflect and reminds me of a quote I have saved: “I remember when I was younger I wanted to be beautiful; now I’m older and I want to be intelligent. I want to burn hearts with brilliance and engulf souls with compassion. I want to be loved for my thoughts and nothing else.” Some of my pictures have been used in art pieces and tattoos but what I really want to be remembered by is how close I stuck to my morals and what I stood for. I’ve always believed that having integrity allows me to be true to myself & live authentically. Most importantly, I’d like my legacy to be recorded as my inner beauty. Read more>>

Yukon Palmer | Founder / CEO

I am far from the typical startup tech founder because of my background, yet I’ve been able to start and grow a successful company in an exciting young industry. I believe that my legacy will be the fact that I originated from a humble background, yet overcame many obstacles because of my determination and hard work. I would like to be a model for others who strive to achieve more in life when they come from origins that put them at a significant disadvantage. Read more>>

Nashla Renteria | Hair stylist/ Artiste’ Hair studio owner

As I think of what I would want my legacy to be, I would love for when people hear my name to think of my love for my family and friends, for the love and passion for my work and creativity , for the fun I had living my life and my traveling seeing different parts of the world trying different foods and being fearless. For people to think of me as that one person who always gave 100 percent in everything I did, but still balancing my life and not being enslaved to anything, always being that one person they could count on no matter what. Read more>>

Verna Fisher | Your Soul Catalyst

Having worked in hospice, this is a question often asked of my patients. And because I was made well aware that we are not always old when we die, I have already started to work on this. Those who know me already, know that I have had this dream for years and years. Integrative Wisdom, which encompasses retreats and coaching, has also developed the Soul Catalyst Card Deck 4 in 1 System of Healing. This system is the legacy I am most passionate about. Read more>>

Zarina Aure | Founder of Zentella Co.

The one thing I want people to remember about me is how truly genuine and transparent I am as a person and as I created my brand. When I launched Zentella, I wasn’t focused on the amount of orders I would be getting. I was focused on the little details like making sure everyone gets a handwritten note on how much I appreciate them and how thankful I am. So, I ended up selling out on pre-orders in less than 48 hours and had 700+ notes to write all by myself! Read more>>