We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be.  Check out their responses below.

Roy Elam | Chef & Restaurateur

This is a great question. I want to be remembered as a person of integrity in my field. Someone that does what he says and didn’t cut any corners. Someone that forged local relationships with farmers and producers to support the local community. It is important to me to do things the right way and provide the best possible product I can for our guests. Read more>>

April Laster | Black Female Entrepreneur

I want my legacy to be one of humility, greatness and survival. I would hope people remember my resilient attitude and my ability to rise above any occasion meant to tear me down. I want them to remember that grace and forgiveness has to be extended to everyone for growth. During trying times we have to remember everyone is built with a indicator of just how much they can endure and its not for others to determine that measure that amount. Read more>>

Ginger Weatherford | Historic Preservationist, Architectural Historian & Photographer

In the end, I would like people to remember me for promoting historic preservation through demystifying the concept. Educating the general population, policy makers, and government leaders, about architectural history and historic preservation with the goal of property owners and developers choosing preservation over demolition and building something new, because they have an appreciation for historic architecture and why preservation is good for their community (aesthetic, symbolic, cultural, social, educational, economic, among others). I would like to be known for my tangible contributions in preserving important places, structures, and cultures by writing as many historic designation reports in my career as possible, to ensure the legacy of architectural styles, architects, builders, cultures, and neighborhoods. Read more>>