We asked some fantastic parents from in and around the city to tell us about the most important thing they have done as parents.

Melissa Soto | Entrepeneur & Creative Director

Being a positive example for them. Showing them that they can accomplish anything when they believe in themselves and put their heart, mind and hard work into it. They are growing up seeing that a business is not only for the purpose of making a living but also to contribute and make your voice heard in the world. I love having conversations with them about what product we will create next, getting them involved in our photoshoots and teaching them about how a business works. Read more>>

Abraham Jiménez | Painter

I think that it has been really organic how my daughter, aged 7, has got a clear idea of what she is going to become in the future. she says she is an artist and she is going to be a painter, a sculpture and a poet. Read more>>

Heather Seignemartin | Multimedia Director & Relationship Coach

I have three incredible children with whom I constantly communicate; I mean, we talk about everything. We eat dinner together every night, and I ask them for the lowlights and the highlights of their day. We talk about dreams and goals. We talk about the little things that captivate their attention. When I lose my cool and speak too harshly with them, I come to them and apologize. When I make a mistake in life or find an obstacle in my path, I talk about it with them and my process to overcome it to show them that anything is possible, but it comes with work ethic. Read more>>

Bronle Crosby | Portraitist & Painter

Helping my children learn to quiet themselves, entertain themselves, focus, and reap the benefits of being thoroughly bored if necessary to kick start creativity and inventiveness. And fostering a love of reading and stories. Some of this was reinforced and accentuated by Montessori elementary school, which emphasizes self motivation and time management and skill acquisition, in addition to clear and logical instructional techniques. Read more>>