One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Laura Lee Townsend

I am continually inspired by my clients. The courage I see people summon to step into my office and face their biggest fears, traumas, obstacles, and/or inner and external critics head on is incredibly inspiring and humbling. As a consumer and practitioner of therapy, I know how nerve-wracking it can be to revisit some of the most painful points in your life and entrust that information to a stranger. When I witness creative, prolific, intricate processing sessions that come from within others’ psyches and observe the human brain’s capacity to heal itself, it encourages me. I am reminded that I, too, can continue to push through my own perceived barriers and seek new levels of peace, healing, creativity, and confidence. Read more>>

Jasmin Tafreshi | Photographer

My inspiration behind this art form is simple but complex, to capture ones pure unapologetic self. Generally when we first meet someone, we only see what they reveal on the outside. Even after years of knowing someone, sometimes we never even get to experience their true fearless uncensored individuality. Therefore, my inspiration is to be able to capture that one true form, that individual as their confident self. This means working to gain that trust in someone and thus creating that safe space of expression. Whether this is a simple portrait series capturing natural emotions or going a more fantasy route featuring visionary artistic moods, there is no limit. I admire artists that go above and beyond to accomplish capturing the subjects dream self, to allow the character to become whomever they wish. Read more>>

Betsy Lane | Art Consultant

I’m inspired by all the creative people I work with. As an art consultant I’m part of a design team and it’s important to understand what the client’s vision is and match them with an artist that has the same intention. I respect what each artist brings to the projects we work on and the hard work to create a commissioned piece. Read more>>

Kayah Rybar | Creative | Makeup Artist, Stylist & Creative Director

It sounds so cliché, but I try to find inspiration in everything. I really enjoy meditating and find I get a lot of my creative ideas naturally just being in that state of mind. Especially through guided meditation, I like to listen to different ones maybe with mantras, meditating on chakras, colors, sensations and then try to create based off of the things I see or feel. I also find a lot of my inspiration through nature, other artists, fashion and especially music. I’ve been grateful to work with a lot of musical artists recently that give me full creative freedom to build something from what I envision when just listening to their music. Thankfully i’m surrounded by a lot of other creatives in life so that definitely inspires and motives me. Read more>>

Claire Groebner | Food Justice Advocate & Director of Development

I am inspired by our community and my wonderful team. Every day I find inspiration and awe in the resilience, dedication, creativity, resourcefulness, integrity, generosity, and love that these folks bring to the world. Read more>>

Davide Di Giorgio

Making a difference. It’s the only thing that motivates me. It is the driving force behind everything I do. When I was in high school, someone took the time to get to know me—the real me—saw my talents and potential, and nurtured them. That teacher saved my life. It happened again when I started university and a professor took me under their wing and barely a few days into my 4-year program appointed me as the Musical Director for one of the theater companies on campus. So, I guess you could say it’s making a difference combined with helping others to see and realize the potential in themselves. Every project I take on, every iteration of the my business and life has been guided by this, and it’s so incredibly satisfying. Read more>>

Heather Balliet | Owner & Designer

Mainly my inspiration comes from our couples! We really dive into getting to know them and the things they love. From there, interior design, textures, color, music, words, and traditions inspire me! I am always looking to do something that has never been done! I love a clever turn of phrase! Read more>>