Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Paige Cole | Stripper Business Coach

I have been a dancer for 12 years, so that industry knowledge and expertise mixed with my coaching, manifestation and personal development made the absolute perfect combination to serve my clients as a stripper business coach! I’ve been through the ups and downs. I’ve experienced the highs and the lows associated with the industry and I am also able to shine light on a dark place- having been through it personally. Read more>>

Christina Kalnas | Women’s Online Boutique Owner

Having a Women’s Boutique is something I have dreamt about for years. Since I was a little girl my sister and I would always say “one day when we have a boutique…” So it has always been in the back of mind. I love fashion, I love style and how everyone can be so versatile with style. I love it all! I let the idea go years back though. Without getting into too much, I just didn’t have the support system or confidence to think it was something I could actually achieve or that I was worthy enough to be successful. It was always a “waste of time/money to be something I could never achieve.” Over the past couple of years though the idea kept popping up in my head. Read more>>

Jenna Nascimento | Wellbeing Practitioner & Teacher

Feel Good MamaHood was created because at the time, there wasn’t anything that I could find like it and I needed it. Through my own experiences in motherhood, I realized how it felt to feel alone, even if I was surrounded by people I knew. There is something different, something special about connecting with a like-minded person who understands your struggle and we know that in #momlife, there are constant struggles. We need connection and support, and loneliness is not an option. While the original business was a partnership, under a different name, it re-focused and rebranded with positive psychology practices and tools as its core. Read more>>

Chamar Latanja | Life Transformation Coach

While I run my business (three years in) with intentionality, I didn’t choose my business, it chose me. It is important to me that there is purpose and passion behind everything that I do. I have always had a heart to help people and it has always made me happy to see them succeed. My business motivational speaking, Life Transformation Coaching, writing came out of a need that I had. I had to work incredibly hard to become a whole, healed woman after my divorce because the resources weren’t readily available. I ended up creating what I wished I had, honesty with the process, being unashamed to share the failures that led to victory and someone to guide me along the way that had already been in my shoes. Read more>>

Brenda Suarez | Motivational Speaker & Transformational Coach

My business is my story, my journey, my truth, my transformation…my purpose. I live my life continuously healing the core of my being. The more I do so, the more I understand that happiness is MOST DEFINITELY a choice. Being an entrepreneur was never something I thought I wanted. I always saw an entrepreneur as someone I could never be. Someone who was disciplined, strong, confident, ambitious, and a go-getter. Qualities I have not always possessed. In healing my core, I discovered that we are here to serve. We chose to be reborn for a reason; the reason is helping the collective heal. Figuring out what our piece of the puzzle is can be a difficult task, but it’s SO WORTH it. YOU ARE WORTH IT! Read more>>