We had the good fortune of connecting with Christina Kalnas and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Christina, how did you come up with the idea for your business?
Having a Women’s Boutique is something I have dreamt about for years. Since I was a little girl my sister and I would always say “one day when we have a boutique…” So it has always been in the back of mind. I love fashion, I love style and how everyone can be so versatile with style. I love it all! I let the idea go years back though. Without getting into too much, I just didn’t have the support system or confidence to think it was something I could actually achieve or that I was worthy enough to be successful. It was always a “waste of time/money to be something I could never achieve.” Over the past couple of years though the idea kept popping up in my head, I kind of got into the ” Influencer” world through social media and the more I did that the more I found myself thinking “Why can’t I be one of these boutiques that the world buys from, but with my styles added to it?” I was sitting down with my Husband one day and showed him a picture and said this would be my dream right here and it seems possible but also out of reach. He told me nothing is really impossible if you actually put hard work onto into and to start doing my research and the more I researched, the more I realized that this was extremely possible if I just threw my all into and work my tail end off. I had a gut feeling it would all come together and this is what I was supposed to be doing all along. So, months later here I am getting ready to launch “Emma June Boutique” in mid summer! It’s an Online Women’s Boutique with things I love but yet I also worked hard trying to bring in what others want to see and love as well at all different price points. Now my mind is going is heading into “what clothing can I design to bring in?!” It never ends. To pull this dream together gives me goosebumps and still I pinch myself wondering if this is really actually coming all together.

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
I have been putting in a lot of effort into trying to set my Boutique apart from others. It’s difficult in a way that you want to sell what everyone is gravitating for at the time, but I also don’t want to be like everyone else and sell what everyone else sells. What’s the fun in that?! Yes, of course you will see something on my page that is on others as well but it’s just the name of the game. I want you to come to my site and find something that you may not find on the next site. I also wanted to give a style to my shop instead of just having random things, so I have spent countless hours on the computer searching through pages to find my looks I want. I have a very SoCal, Boho, Surf vibe kind of thing going. With maybe a little hippie in there every once in a while. I’m most proud of the fact that I did this all on my own. Everything came from me. My ideas, my money I saved up, my tears, my lack of sleep, my early mornings. I did this all on my own when I was told I could never. But, here I am, doing it. Thinking on it… I don’t really know how I even got here!!! It was just a blur and all the sudden I’m here, writing this, talking about launching my drea, shooting photos, buying inventory. I will say it was not easy. It is getting easier, at the moment and the fun parts are starting to happen, but I know it won’t always be fun or easy. I think my husband and kids help me get over my challenges. I look at them and see the reasons why I am doing this. To show my kids they can achieve anything and be anything they want to be and that I can support and build that life for them along the way as well as with my husband. My husband works so hard and probably will never stop, but knowing if one day he wanted to that hopefully I will be able to help him do that. He has shown me that positivity is the only way to go. There are nights when I’m just like am I nuts?? What am I even doing? This is such a big leap of faith. Theres a chance of failure. Chances people won’t like what I offer and not buy, chances for who knows what? But, there’s always that chance of growth, gaining knowledge, building a brand, building a dream that is successful. Would you want to miss out on that success if its what was meant for you? Not me! My husbands positivity in life keeps me moving towards that and that is how I work to overcome any challenge that comes my way. I named my Boutique after my daughter. Emma June. Having a daughter and looking at her motivates me in so many ways to show her she can accomplish anything in life if she puts her mind, heart and soul into it. Anything is possible. I let someone get into my head years ago about how I would never amount to have any of these things I am doing now and I never want my daughter or my son, even, to have to experience words like that and feel that way. I hope I can show her that she has the ability to do anything, but my daughter at 3 years old already knows that. She is already living that and she is my inspiration into building this. She has no fear. I hope this boutique grows into things I have never even imagined, maybe a store front one day, and she can take over and keep it going and only make it better and grow it even more. This is for her.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
This is a hard one! So many good places here in SoCal. I would probably have to go with San Diego. It is one of my most favorite places to be and usually the best spot to take our friends. There are places on places to eat, drink, party, dance. I mean everything you could think of in one little spot. Moonshine Bar would be a top spot on the list. My husband and I go here all the time and we have even brought our friends from Germany here and they always ask to go back! It’ always a good time. Maybe get a little boujie with a sunset booze cruise and act fancy. Fogo de Chao would be on the dinner list, we also take everyone to Casa Guadalajara in downtown. Thebest margaritas and Mexican food! So many speak easies we would visit. Mission Bay, Pacific Beach, La Jolla! Everything about this city is a win. The beaches are so pretty and there is always something to do. It’s the most chill area also with beautiful weather you can’t beat. I love living in an area where there is always something to do. Single life or family life.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
MY HUSBAND AND MY SISTER! One hundred percent my support team, my life lines, my encouragers, my cheerleaders, my shoulder to cry on, my kick in the butt,I mean need I go on?! They have given me so much support and so much confidence in everything I do and every choice I make. My husband just sits back and lets me take the wheel until I crash and need help again. He pushes me to be everything I can be, as well as my sister. This hasn’t been the easiest business to pull together and those two let me crash but then say are you done crying? Let’s get back to work! They are my life lines and I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this if it wasn’t for those two. But let’s not forget my photographer, You Bloom Photography. My “Emma June Babes,” Katie, Nicole, Jamie, My Sister. My logo artist, Rich. My amazing Dad working to build my website so I can focus on stock and other areas in the Business. They have all been there at the drop of a hat to say yes, yes and yes we are all in to support whatever you need. It’s just such a humbling feeling. I will be honest though when I say I haven’t given a reason to have support anywhere else. This has been a secret for a few months now. I know I have so many supporters out there rooting me on but it’s hard to support when you don’t really know what I’m even doing yet! Thank you to everyone who has had my back and who will have my back supporting me and watching me hopefully grow!

Website: emmajuneboutique.com
Instagram: emmajunebtq

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Photographer: You Bloom Photography Logo: Rich Zuniga