Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Franck Pedretti | Director / Video Producer

I started falling in love with video production while I was an athelte, being a former pro snowboarder, I always wanted to be arounds cameras, and productions. After the end of my carreer I was proposed to be the host of an action sports show circa 2000 which I said yes! I learnt everything from scratch with the best guys in the industry… Quickly I came up by setting up my own video productions… Read more>>

Danny Darko | Singer, Songwriter & Actor

I was sitting around in my cell. As one does when you’ve made a life spanning, award winning slew of poor choices. I was writing a lot and the prison work program I was in had a guitar and some of us would do songs and entertain the others. I started thinking about what I would do when I got out and I really had no idea since all I had ever done is crime. My record now spannd 10 years and I was clasified as a career criminal and the retirement package offered by the CDC isn’t the best. I began writing skits and comedy songs. Someone had said I had a real talent for it. I didn’t get a chance to play those songs when I got out at that time. It would be another 5 years before I got clean and back to those songs. Read more>>

Mike & Lyza Sanchez | Owners of Dyenasty Threads

It all started as a quarantine activity – with schools being closed and distance learning in full effect, we needed to find ways to keep our son on an at-home school routine and off his electronic devices. We decided to purchase a DIY tie dye kit as one of his arts and crafts projects and after seeing the outcome of the shirts, we knew this was an activity we wanted to continue doing. Our son loved to show off his new shirts to our family and friends. We received compliments and even requests to dye them some shirts; from there a little light bulb went off in our heads and we took the leap to start Dyenasty Threads. Read more>>

Henry DeVries | CEO (chief encouragement officer) and acquisitions editor-in-chief

When I was the assistant dean for continuing education at the University of California, I had a side hustle of ghostwriting client-attracting books for management consultants and professionals. Once the manuscript was finished I saw how frustrated these would-be authors were with getting happily published. So I took early retirement from the university to form Indie Books International, an independent publishing company, much like an indie record label or an indie film production company. Arguably I am the most prolific nonfiction writer in San Diego because in the last seven years I have helped as a ghostwriter, coauthor or editor for more than 125 published books. Read more>>