Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Felicia Smith | Event Designer

After designing various events for family and friends, over the last 3 years the overwhelming desire to put my love for event designing motivated me to put my passion into a business, thus Simply Put. I realize that designing is one of my favorite things to do! Not only do my designs put a smile on my face it puts a smile on the face of others. Read more>>

Brooke P. Lee | Author & Preacher

I struggled with an eating and exercise disorder for years, and it always felt like a taboo topic, especially in the Church. Because of this, closeness among my friends, and closeness between me and God really suffered. The more I hid my struggle, the further I would feel from others. My struggle ended up becoming a barrier to some of my most important relationships in life. As I healed, I began talking more openly about my struggle and found others were longing to do the same. I wanted to see more of this, especially in the Church. So, I started calling out barriers that get in the way of our relationship with God, and talking about them openly, without shame, and filled with hope. I love helping people remove the barriers that are holding them back so that they can live into the full and abundant life God has marked out for them. Read more>>

Karla Denisse Vazquez | Jewelry Designer

I consider my self a creative person and was trying to express my creativity in someway. I had some ideas and I thought about making a jewelry brand with all my favorite quotes on necklaces and it became a success everybody loved them so that was fuel for me and started designing different things. Read more>>

Andrea Brockson | Vintage Seller

I remember sitting in the library and hearing a teacher talk about the importance of reduse, reuse, recycle as a kid. My mom had already been practicing this mantra. Our childhood home was a collection of thrifted and antique furniture and home goods. The home itself was from 1925 and had a ton of character and charm just outside of Philadelphia. My mom would bring my sisters and I on her antiquing and thrifting trips throughout our childhood and this sparked my interest in some day creating my own home in the same way. I loved the eclectic look of combining eras of vintage and knowing that it would also be saved from heading to a landfill. I saw that others felt the same way and started my vintage business in 2020. Read more>>

Nicole Novena | CLAY + CRAFT, Owner and Ceramist

Ceramics is a rewarding and joyful craft. Yet, it takes an investment and space to get started. I simply love working with clay and wanted to provide the creative outlet to others. Plus, the process of working with clay and creating ceramics and pottery is incredibly therapeutic. Many customers tell me our goods and studio is the cheapest therapy they can buy. Now more than ever, our studio has provided solace amid the times. Read more>>

Victoria Martinez | San Diego, Nail Artist

I’ve been a licensed nail technician for almost seven years now and I’ve always had the pleasure of working for a salon. Before the pandemic, I worked full time at Leo by Liv3 a beautiful minimalistic natural nail salon located in North Park, San Diego. Which is owned by the amazing Jina Javier and Hector Diaz. When the pandemic happened, it forced the closure of many great businesses and created financial concerns for many workers and their families – I was definitely a part of that group.  I decided to finally follow a dream that I’ve always had: I’ve been wanting to start a luxury press-on nail business, but always had to pause the idea because of the lack of time needed to focus on a new business venture. My focus was working, and spending my days off with my family. Now with everyone forced to stay home, I wanted to provide people with salon-quality nails from the comfort of their own home. It also helped me feel safe working from home during such worrying times.  “The Victoria Rose Project” was born focusing on creating high-quality reusable luxury press on nails; Offering a variety of different designs, as well as creating custom designs requested by clients. Read more>>