Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Angela Stanford, MBA, RDN, NBC-HWC | Dietitian Nutritionist | Founder Vital Nutrition & Wellness

I wanted to help people transform the way they look and feel through the power of food and mindful eating. People came to me frustrated and confused about what to eat and what works for weight loss and digestive distress, so I wanted to give them to confidence to know exactly what helps their bodies look and feel their best with programs personalized to their needs where they feel like they have me in their back pocket, there when they need me as they navigate changing behaviors. I also want my programs to be sustainable, so I’m the last program they ever have to go through to lose weight and relieve their IBS and heartburn naturally. Read more>>

Sylwia Zalinska | Co-Founder, Silk And Scales

After graduating from University with a degree in Psychology, I was overwhelmed with emotion with the seemingly limitless career possibilities that I was somehow all “underqualified” for. After facing countless rejections from companies I applied to, I thought to myself, “Did I choose the right path? Am I even capable enough to be considered for these positions? Should I just give up and further my education?” Even though I was passionate about the degree I obtained from University, a huge part of me always wanted to do something creative – something I can pour my heart into that would make a difference in someone’s life, even if it was as simple as a smile. Read more>>

Adrianna Gonzalez | San Diego Wedding Photographer

Covid hit on my 10th year at my comfortable corporate job and I was laid off. What a blessing in disguise this was. I wasn’t sure what my next step would be. God opened a door for me. I had always been in the photography industry, but never pursued my dream because of my comfortable 9-5 job. I hadn’t shot a wedding in a few years and I really had nothing to lose, Read more>>

Lylah Healy | Founder & Principal Designer of Rose Lake Design

My path to owning an interior design studio wasn’t a straight one. I graduated from the USC School of Theater and studied theatre and acting most of my life. Much of my training was focused on feeling and expression, and I loved the art of storytelling. But the 2008 recession hit, and in order to make ends meet I needed to find a more steady stream of income. I found a position in marketing and rode out the recession, but during that time I also became successful in my role and gained momentum in my corporate career. I learned how to craft efficient processes and also how to lead a team. Read more>>

Janna Willoughby-Lohr | Founder & Artist

I always wanted to be an artist but I didn’t want to be a starving artist. When I went away to college, intending to major in creative writing, I ended up signing up for a slew of creative art and alternative art classes. I talked with my advisor at the end of my freshman year and said, “Here’s all the classes I took, what major am I working towards??” And he said, “Those are all electives…so…nothing.” Luckily, he also asked me what I wanted to do when I got out of college. I told him that I wanted to be an artist but I didn’t want to be broke. “How do I do THAT??” I asked him. “You should do that…as your major.” So I created my own Integrative Studies major combining entrepreneurial business and creative art, with a focus on paper and book arts. Read more>>

Marcela Timbo | Professional Organizer

Starting my own business came from the need to find myself professionally. My whole life so far, I’ve been struggling with jobs that didn’t feel right to me. Growing up I’ve always had a big lack of confidence that filled in so many areas of my life and every time I saw myself looking for a job, I’ve never felt good enough to do the job. Fear always dominated me. It wasn’t until a co-worker approached me suggesting I should be a personal organizer, that something within me really clicked in. The more I delved into the organizing business, the more it felt right to me. It was instant love! match! It was like the world was telling me, I was ready to succeed, achieve my full potential. Read more>>

Avery Zaninovich | Tlo Wines Director of Marketing Tlo Wines, Sommelier

My dad’s family is from Croatia and his dad was the only one in his family who immigrated to the US. When my dad would visit his family in the old country, he remembers sampling wine that his uncles’ had made in their basements. It’s always been a part of our culture…sharing wine with loved ones while reliving old memories, and making new ones. At the same time, my mom’s dad had experimented with making his own homemade wine. None of it was ever very good, but it was something he really enjoyed doing. Read more>>

Tamerri Ater | Founder, Gift oft he Nile & Certified Astrologer

I unknowingly started my journey as a certified astrologer and reiki healer when I was an infant. My parents named me Tamerri – An ancient name for Egypt, which means Gift of the Nile. My father’s best friend conducted my naming ceremony, where he interpreted my astrological natal chart. Your natal chart is a roadmap for your life. Tragically, when I was 13, my mother took her own life and the trauma from that experience led me to return to some of the spiritual practices from my childhood, including the complex study of astrology. I discovered my purpose as a healer and became a certified astrologer and reiki practitioner under the name AstroFashionista, all while working in the beauty industry as a product developer. Read more>>

Kush Kapila & Andrew Zorko | Entrepreneurs in the Mobile Services Space

STERLINGS Cafe ( started as a brainstorming idea during COVID. We both had started mobile Businesses ( and and were affected by the Pandemic. As our businesses were on pause we thought about how to combine both our knowledge in the mobile space and do services that we are really passionate about and we came up with STERLINGS Cafe. Read more>>

Rachel Craig | Mother + Baby Registered Nurse, Lactation Educator, and New Parent

I had my first baby in April of 2022 and although the process was beautiful, I felt very alone. When I finally reached out to other new parents, I realized they felt the same way too! I searched for support within my area and found a lot for “moms”, during the middle of the day, costing upwards of $200. I knew lots of parents who didn’t identify as a “mom” and still needed support. And lots of parents who worked a full time job during the middle of the day, but still needed options for groups or support. Read more>>

Brandine Strand | Founder & CEO

I came up with the idea of Cali Raw Nutrition in 2018 after losing my very first dog, Clyde. At the time Clyde passed away, I was only aware of a kibble diet for dogs and so the quality of life for Clyde’s last five years was not optimal. Soon after losing Clyde, my rescue dog, Dharma, started developing allergies and I was then introduced to a raw dog food diet. I started to see benefits within weeks and was sold! Read more>>

Raw Toons | Artist & Graphic Designer

I started in the streetwear clothing business in the late 1990s. I always wanted to create something original and never been seen before. For me it’s always a good feeling seeing people wear my designs. I always hoped that I would be able to turn this into a fulltime job. Read more>>

Heather Goodman | Co-Founder of Sun Bleached

I have worked with so many swimwear brands over the years both as a photographer, model, and influencer and I always felt like there was something missing when it came to the creative vision of these brands. I felt like many swimwear companies fell into two categories: inclusive and diverse but cheesy designs OR beautiful designs but used the same size zero models and style of images. I also wore so many swimsuits that would fall off in the waves, give you weird tan lines, or were just straight up uncomfortable or unflattering. Read more>>

Jeong Kim | Gym co-owner & tech entrepreneur

I have been an entrepreneur all my life and when presented an opportunity to open up the new gym by my best friend, I just could not refuse it. There are many reasons why I accepted this offer and decided to team up with my partner naturally. 1. I have been a very active person but as I got older, I could tell my level of energy is getting low and I felt now is the time to get back into fitness and get myself trained. When I took few crossfit classes, I immediately fell in love with the “sports”/”training” that I knew I would want to do this for a long time and I am passionate about. Read more>>