Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Scout Sobel | CEO & Founder of Scout’s Agency, Podcast Host, & Bestselling Author

The idea for Scout’s Agency came to me a couple of months into co-hosting Okay Sis podcast with my sister. Very early on into starting our podcast together, I recognized the power of podcasting. For starters, we were getting into the room with entrepreneurs we admired, reality TV stars we had watched, and content creators we had been following for years. It was an instant networking tool that allowed us to develop deep relationships with women we had always admired. Secondly, I noticed that when these female guests would come onto our podcast, our community would follow them online, buy their product, read their book, or become their clients. Read more>>

Tony Pham | World Traveler & Fresh Entrepreneur

To be blunt, I was tired of working on someone else’s time. I did not want to continue wasting my time to build up someone else’s wealth, prestige, and ideas. Instead. I want to chart my own course and dedicate my time to build up something that I’m passionate about. While that would entail more risks and a lowered pay (hopefully initially), I can at least say I am pursuing my dream and taking a chance on myself. Read more>>

PRINCE GAUTIER. MASKOTT | artist musician singer dancer choreographer and boss of the label M.M.P PRODUCTION

I will introduce myself first, I am an artist musician singer dancer and boss off young label that responds to the name of M.M.P PRODUCTION label created in November 2016, my name artist is Prince Gautier maskott( P.G.M) and has the civil statut my name is MITATA my first name is Albert gautier . TO create my production label , I did not take time to get started because being an artist I had several experiences with experienced producers and the fact of having worked with them my license to learn a lot of things that served me when I opened my structure, Read more>>

Nicole Ward | Owner & Chief Designer

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and didn’t quite fit in with the 9-5 desk job world. I spent the early part of my career working in restaurants and managing beverage programs, which to me was fun. My passion was in wine and I have multiple certifications and transitioned to working in outside sales, which requires you to be a self-starter as well as have strong organizational skills. Read more>>

Madelyn and Rebecca Love | Small Business Owners of Sandpiper Babes

We are a Mother/Daughter shop, working towards making mom life a tad easier. Not only did we want to provide for other moms, but we wanted a way to provide for our own families while still being present in our kids’ life. Read more>>

jill potts | Owner of goods4goodmarket. Ethical Consumerism

My job was slow due to the pandemic and I thought ” This is the best time as ever to start my passion project” I was granted the gift of time. I had no idea how to start or create an online store, but I went for it. I had the idea…(which i had for years) and now was the time to make that idea come to fruition. Read more>>

Leslie Licano Co-founder, CEO | Beyond Fifteen Communications, Inc. — Full-Service Marketing Taking You Beyond Fifteen Minutes of Fame

My business partner, Lauren Ellermeyer, and I started Beyond Fifteen Communications, Inc. in 2009 believing that it was possible to deliver both big agency results AND the high-touch, boutique style service clients deserve. We hated this idea that you either had to be treated like a number at a mega-agency, or secure subpar results from a small player that may not have the tools, resources, staff or infrastructure to deliver on their promises. We realized that if we did it right, we could carve our own path by helping other people’s businesses succeed in a meaningful way. Read more>>

Loely Burgos | Plant(ED) Founder

When I decided to start Plant(ED) I wanted to fill a need I could clearly see in the Cannabis Industry. With a growing number of patients choosing to try cannabis as a possible alternative to western medicine it was clear that many smaller legal brands where in need of a promotional sales team to help bring awareness to their products. My intention was to create a network of independent promotional sales reps willing to assist those brands with great products on a contract basis rather than hiring within the company. Read more>>

Monica Fallone | Card Concierge

Starting my business began with a major life change: moving back to my hometown of San Diego. With that life change in the spring of 2020, I began to think about how I wanted to use my time and talents in a way that filled me with joy while allowing me the flexibility to start a family. The key was pursuing something that I thoroughly enjoy doing to tackle a new challenge. Helping others has always been a value of mine, so I figured I would stay within the nonprofit sector. I candidly did not intend on starting my own business. Then, I had a conversation with a dear friend as I contemplated my next career move. Read more>>