Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Susan Lanier | Business Owner at Lotus & Lanier (Fashion Reseller)

I thought about starting my own business full time when I lost my job in the corporate world. Lots of people think of losing a job as a failure . I took it as a new beginning for me to work at something that I love and enjoy. I knew that getting another corporate job just wasn’t my cup of tea. Some of the first items I started to list for sale were all of my work clothes. Read more>>

Collin Grigg | Founder of Swim in Suits

I launched Swim in Suits to add value to people’s lives. Since the original suit was made in 2009, every time I’ve worn it, to vegas pools, random parties, scuba diving, the beach, whatever, people always ask me about it and often try to buy it from me! What’s neat is how easy it is to make a connection or friend when you have a distraction like a Suit made from swimwear material to break the ice. Basically, I thought to myself, “how many times have I been at a social venue and by the end it feels more inclusive…and why?” I wanted to give the experiences I’ve had to other people. Read more>>

Simone Sloan | Calligrapher and Letterer

Starting my business was almost an accident. I was engaged to my now husband and since we were doing an ultra small wedding (by choice), i wanted to pay closer attention to my favorite part of it, which was the stationery. I wanted the invitations to be flawless (they weren’t LOL), and the design to be intricate (they were). Every guest had a different invitation design, which now I thank the universe I only had 15 people at our wedding. It took me 6 months of practice to have the calligraphy part to be decent enough that I would be ok addressing my invitations. Read more>>

Angela Miller | Wedding Photographer and Videographer

I initially began my journey as a YouTuber. I wanted to showcase some of my beauty and hair skills because when I would go out, I was constantly stopped and asked how did I do my makeup and hair. With that journey, I had to learn about camera equipment to be able to film and upload the best quality videos to my channel. Learning about photography and videography sparked a passion that I never knew I had. I ended up making a 180 degree turn and began focusing on scaling my new found love. I knew I could help people with photo and video in the same way I wanted to help with beauty skills and that is how my business was birthed. Read more>>

Mirelle Carmichael | Professional Photographer

I had been working at a private investment firm when the market started to take a turn for the worse. I always knew that I wanted to pursue photography, so although I worked in the finance industry, I spent my weekends photographing families and weddings. I suppose it was my way of creating a backup plan, learning the craft over time and gaining knowledge about an industry unrelated to the one I was in. Read more>>

Lashunika Hicks | Reading and Math Tutor

I began working in the school system in the year of 2019. During my first few years I saw how some students didn’t receive one on one support from teachers. I also witnessed how teachers were placed on deadlines and did not have much time to go back and rest each certain concepts and subjects. Parents also expressed their feelings on wanting to provide their child with extra support but not being able to afford high end tutoring companies. I saw a vision of being able to not only help students but to help parents who wanted the best for their young scholar. Read more>>

Jessica Nardi | Owner + Founder of Pure Organic World & RDH

At first, I just wanted to make all natural, holistic body care products for myself when I lived overseas on the Greek island, Crete. I was intrigued and fascinated with foraging wild herbs that were plentiful on the Island, and I loved mixing and tincturing them with European oils. I loved making my products so much that I finally started to share them with local charity groups; selling them to the locals and vacationers, which helped support medical and shelter fundraising for the many stray cats and dogs in Greece. Read more>>

Stephanie High | Mental Performance & Marketing Consultant

I started working for a large, international company doing data-entry when I was 18 while going to university on nights and weekends. I was accustomed to keep my schedule full and busy. Always trying to learn something new and work my way up the corporate ladder, which I did very well. It was ingrained in me at a young age that you work hard for your money and you keep loyal to a stable job, such a boomer mentality. Read more>>

Celeste + Anisha | A Day Away Founders

We were friends before launching A Day Away together! Celeste created her Instagram account @seldomlystill to share her favorite spots in San Diego and support local businesses. Anisha is a small business owner of Powerhaus Wholesome Pizza & Eats in Pacific Beach. Celeste and Anisha both enjoy traveling and love planning trips. Celeste creates an itinerary for all her trips and restaurant reservations weeks in advance! Anisha loves traveling, but with running a restaurant, she doesn’t have the flexibility for long vacations. Read more>>

Kelsey Leland | Personal Chef & Nutritionist

My thought process was something a good friend told me, “do the weirdest thing possible.” What he meant was, start with the most ambitious, least reasonable career path, then refine from there if needed. For me that meant quitting my job and moving to New York to attend culinary school, then start a food business. My first attempt was a vegan dessert business that was super fun, but extremely difficult to make profitable. I decided to transition into personal cheffing to create more work/life balance. Not to mention, it’s much more health supportive than moonlighting to bake cakes every night! Read more>>

Claudia Escalante | Artist

I studied Engineering in Digital Graphic Design, and even though Graphic Design and art are very different, I’ve always developed my creative side. During my career, I took some classes related to drawing, but I never took any formal lessons in art or painting. In 2020, when the pandemic started I bought two denim jackets and a box of paints on Amazon to experiment and do something fun during the quarantine. When I told my mom about the idea of painting denim jackets, she asked me to paint one of her own. Her request was for me to paint the famous painting “The Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Vermeer. Read more>>