A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Yura Lotonenko | Landscape Architect, Urban Designer

I am driven by the idea of meaningful positive impact on our planet during my life. As a landscape architect and urban designer, I realize that our lives, surroundings, ecology, the way we are living and wellbeing of our planet are dramatically changed during last 200 years of human activity. If lets say yesterday we been looking at some sort of prognosis and theoretic graphics, today we have a real facts that our planet nature reacts to human activity. Now, this topic is too huge to cover in this interview… What I am trying to say is that everyone can contribute a little to restore our nature. After many years of Buddhism practice, I realize 2 main dogmas. First would be, human life is very short each of us here for 60-110 years max, depends on the country and the way of living. If we look at the timeline, only maj75 thousand years ago humans begin to migrate. Read more>>

Tia Brumbelow | Wife, Mom & Lover of all Things Home.

Besides my faith, I’m inspired by the daily happenings of life. Whether it’s shapes I notice, a color scheme I fall in love with, my kid’s needs and even trends – these every day things inspire my sourcing and designing. Read more>>

Matoli Keely | Wedding & Editorial Photographer

As a wedding photographer, most would think my inspiration comes from other wedding photographs and inspiration magazines and blogs. Instead, I have found that the things that inspire me the most our outside of the wedding industry. I am influenced most by music, art, old movies, street and editorial photography and often times just unexpected everyday situations that strike the inspiration cord at random. One of my favorite bridal editorials I dreamt up was based on “Petrichor” – the smell of the earth after rainfall. I was walking to my car from grocery shopping on a rainy day and that smell which I absolutely love, hit differently that day. I within an hour I could visualize how I could translate that smell/feeling into an editorial and the result was a beautiful redheaded model (inspired by earth) and all clothing/ photographic elements were blue toned to represent the rain. I have several stories like these for most of my favorite shoots. Read more>>

Dylan Keawe | Singer/Songwriter & Freelance Musician

As a songwriter it’s easy to draw inspiration by allowing myself to feel comfortable in a state of observation. I find that when I’m most inspired is when I’m most aware of all the aspects of any given situation in my personal life. If I am able to take a minute and understand not only the physical situation, but the emotional and mental state I am in during that situation, then the causes of the feelings and urge to react that I have in that situation are much easier to understand and interpret. One of my favorite places to draw inspiration from is my earlier self. It may sound vain, but I never tire of appreciating how far I have come from where I used to be, mentally, to where I am today. And equally as inspiring is the thought of what is to come next for me in my process of growth. The feeling of willingness to accept the changes I will inevitably go through along this journey is exciting to such a degree that I believe as long as I retain that feeling, I will continue to be inspired. Read more>>

Brooke Flynn | Mama. Artist. Creator

I am most inspired by the force of Mother Nature. She is always evolving, always creating, and there is infinite magic from this space. In those moments of reflection and observation of the surrounding elements, I am inspired to also create, to birth something new. Read more>

Nate Burlakovsky | Guitarist/Composer

I am inspired by music and artistic influences that challenge existing norms! I typically gravitate towards music that is dynamic. This means that a song doesn’t have to be one way; it can start fast, slow down, build back up, and crescendo all in one. No boundaries. In fact, mixing up the formula is what keeps it fresh for us. Each song is a new puzzle, progression, or technique, learned and applied. Read more>>

STEPHANIE GUDEMAN | Singer-Songwriter, Multi Instrumentalist

I am a musician – singer-songwriter and find a great deal of inspiration from outside of myself. I use instruments, voice and words to replicate and build on something beautiful, joyful or true. I am especially inspired by the art and music in nature and the random acts of kindness. Gratitude. Music can be a powerful cathartic. It is tempting at times to write negative songs or to vent negative feelings. When that happens, I work backwards. Start with the end lesson, something I have learned, rather than to blurt out my anger with a circumstance. When I perform I am inspired by the joy that other people display as they listen to the music we play. The joy and gratitude in me created by watching the happiness of an audience inspires me to write more and play more. It is a beautiful never ending circle. Read more>>

Dasha Pirela | Creative Consultant & Video Editor For Digital Media

Inspiration comes from anywhere, but mainly I get inspired by childhood memories, places, objects, moments, music, art, design, nature, beauty in the ordinary! I also find great inspiration by other creatives/artists; seeing what others are doing brings me joy and leads me to work in a collaborate setting where the diversity of ideas flow creating outstanding projects. Read more>>