There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Jaymie Tarshis | Marketing Consultant & Facebook Ad Strategist

Having resilience and a strong mindset. When I started my business I was 22, with little experience or skills, and hardly any money to my name. I could have easily let any of those factors prevent me from getting started, but instead, I chose to focus on what I could control and could do in order to make it happen. That mindset is what helped me land my first paying client that I ended up working with for over 4 years. Besides that, I think having resilience is the second most important factor behind my success. I’ve learned over the years to not let my failures or mistakes define me and to always find the lesson in tough times. I’ve also decided that giving up is not an option. It’s about finding a way to make it work NO MATTER WHAT. Read more>>

Devi Adea | Podcast Host

Consistency has been a key factor in the success of my brand. I have been doing business for many years, but I have noticed a big shift in my brand since I decided to launch my first podcast, the Spiritual Entrepreneur, in 2016. I believe the success that has come from growing that show is all due to consistently delivering episodes every week and building a loyal relationship with my ideal audience and clients. There is a level of deep trust that is created when we show up for our people consistently and even small actions performed over time consistently, create a huge shift in the trajectory of a business and brand. Read more>>

Vincent Darmohusodo | Photographer & Artist

Many factors contribute to success. I really think believing in yourself and what you have to offer to others is the first step. The journey is long and will have a lot of ups and downs. It’s easy to get distracted and get caught up with negative energy. I always focus on what I believe and pursue it. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to bring something different to the table. Photography world is saturated with so many talented people. I have to elevate what I produce and expand my creativity to create something new that is unique. Instead of making prints, I combine photography with mixed media art using reclaimed wood to create something that is truly unique. My work is focused on creating that rustic and distressed feel highlighted by the use of old wood as my canvas. Each piece is handmade and has its individual “fingerprints” that can not be duplicated. Read more>>

Steven Wright | Co-Director

The two most important factors fueling our success are magic and laughter. Next is resiliency, support and persistence. We are challenging the system on multiple levels – and change is not the natural state of a system – they tend to trend towards self-maintenance. Needless to say, you have to have thick skin to push through the amount of NO’s we have heard. That and institutions expect NGOers to work 4 hours for every 1 hour we can pay ourselves. I am also incredibly lucky to get to work with my best friend – not everybody can say that. We have laughed our way through all the ups and downs, worked with perfect faith towards a noble goal and followed the signs. The magic is real when you follow the heart-map, and there have been multiple instances where it has made itself obvious. Finally and most obvious, none of this would be possible without the love and support of our families, friends and colleagues. Read more>>

Logan Mitchell | Owner

We built Collins & Coupe on the basis of community, education, and integrity. For the past 9 years, we have run a supperclub that allowed us to connect with local farmers, purveyors, and so many wonderful people in the hospitality industry. In creating our dining experiences we put a great emphasis on giving attention to every detail. These events were a way to share our love of food, drinks, and hospitality with our guests, while teaching them about what they were eating and where it came from. Introducing people to new ingredients and supporting local small business continues to be a motivating factor in our lives. When we decided to open Collins & Coupe almost 3 years ago, there was no doubt that this would be a huge part of our business plan. Read more>>

Luke Davis | Founder

From the beginning, we’ve always focused on our content + brand to be authentic. We’ve never taken shortcuts by using stock photography, follower gaining stunts, or using other people’s imagery — everything you see on our website and social channels was captured through real stories, trips, and settings. It has encouraged organic growth while fostering a real conversation between our customers and our team. I firmly believe that in order to build a brand, you have to be yourself and establish a consistent voice. Read more>>

Robert Dahey | Photographer

I believe the most important factor for me was to stay on course no matter what. I believed in myself but I had some non-believers on my journey and their comments and critique could have really derailed me. I put my focus on listening to those few who are professionals in the industry as well as those few are close to me for honest encouragement and critique. Read more>>

Darina Baebler | Photographer & Nature Messanger

Honestly connecting with people from my heart and soul. Genuine connection, that is what Sunsets by Darina is all about. It’s truly about being able to share the message of light, love and peace from Mother Nature to everyone. I’m originally from the Czech Republic and growing up ,my Family would take me on nature trips every chance we’ve had ,especially since I’m coming from an industrial town. But nature has been calling me since my early age and I truly believe that is why i do what i do today. Sunsets by Darina is mostly uplifting blog about the important connection between our beautiful Earth and ourselves. You can definitely find yourself in nature and help many others by sharing nature’s powerful gifts and beauty. Live like there is Heaven on Earth has always been my vision and hope for everyone. Please cherish and protect our beautiful Earth. Read more>>

Christina Ng | Personal Chef & Educator

The most important factor that has driven my brand is the value system I’ve upheld and honored for all of the producers and farmers responsible for the high quality ingredients used in my cooking. The stories and faces behind the dishes I’ve cooked are the soul and life energy of the meal and are 100% responsible for making the prepared dishes shine at the dinner table. With every bite of food, I hope my clients and guests can feel and taste the love that has brought the dish from the farm to the their table. Read more>>

Elena Sullivan | Arranger of Meats and Cheeses

Before I address the factors behind my success, I want to discuss the concept of success. Currently “A Casarella Charcuterie” is not doing business with the public. This, to many, would not meet the definition of a successful business. The truth is that I was preparing to launch right around the time that the pandemic hit. When that happened I decided it was probably not a good time to start a business whose primary focus was communal finger food. I spent the next few months focusing on my social media, primarily Instagram, where I shared pictures of boards that I made for family or, on occasion, very close friends. Although restaurants are starting to open, my business is still in a state of limbo as I decide how I want to proceed. For now, however, “A Casarella Charcuterie” is an ever-growing Instagram account (@acasarella_charcuterie) where I inspire others who wish to create beautiful grazing trays and platters. Read more>>

Kara Lynch Guthrie | Executive Partner

The most important factor behind my success is the team that I work with. Our brand is something we are all very proud of and we work as a team because we are stronger together;. Our brand is more than a catchy name. We are a team of women who came together from all different professions to create a life we don’t need a vacation from. We put our families first and work hard around their schedules. Read more>>

John and Stacy LaBrake | Co-Owners

Our team! Our owners, John & Stacy LaBrake, are really committed to running the company as a family business, and creating jobs within our community. We have a lot of family and extended family working, and if you’re not family, you feel like it within the first week of joining us. We even have staff members who have been with the company for over 20 years, and now their children have joined the team. Catering is hard work, but everyone has their own fabulous talents, and together it all falls into place creating amazing events for our clients. In catering, there is so much behind the scenes work that goes into the planning and execution of a successful event. We have team members who are good with seeing the big picture and team members who are good with the details. Read more>>

Beatriz Duron | Owner

The most important factor behind the success of The Artisan Passage, which is our brand, is creating a memorable shopping experience for our customers. We do this by providing excellent customer service, but also generating a synergy between cute handmade/curated items and displaying them in a way that connects emotionally with our customers. As customers visit our retail spaces or our pop up craft shows, they step into a wonderland of handmade items, vintage home decor, paper crafts, that transport them to their childhood, or just a lovely memory. Read more>>

Alexis Wilson | Baker & Cookier

The most important factor behind my success are both my kids and my passion and love for what i do. There are times were it is difficult to juggle my life as a mom, wife, aunt, daughter, etc. Especially recently with Covid 19. The way i get myself through these difficult times is by reminding myself that i have 8 little eyes looking up to me. Who love that mommy is a baker. They look forward to seeing my creations and are so proud of me with everything i do. I grew up with self employed parents and that made a huge impact on me, to see the hard work pay off and the love put into their businesses. Now looking back i see how so much of that is in me. And that is something i would love to instill in my kids as well. Read more>>