The first step to starting a business is deciding to start a business. They say the first step is the hardest and in our experience this is especially true when it comes to starting a business. Getting over the mental roadblocks can be tough, often harder to overcome than the challenges you’ll face once you actually start the business. Fellow entrepreneurs share their thoughts below.

HomeGrown San Diego | “Mad Waves” – DJ / Producer / Founders “Momento” – DJ / Producer / Creative Director

It all started as a hobby by DJing playing at different events. We built an audience and following by playing in San Diego & Tijuana. We came up with the name “Home Grown” from us being San Diego natives; with the idea that we are growing within our hometown. Then, we decided to start curating events, on Sundays in the South Bay called “Home Grown sessions growing our audience even more. After several requests we launched our first t-shirt without thinking the HomeGrown audience wanted to represent our lifestyle and culture. It was of great success we launched our HomeGrown website and our first collection. Now, with the purpose of building a HomeGrown lifestyle brand that unites our community, street wear and the love for house music. Read more>>

Tasha Ball | Owner of Phoenix Rayne

Phoenix Rayne is literally my babies. The name comes from my two beautiful children, Jayden Phoenix and Phynix Rayne. I always had a love for fashion so when I started having children that love quickly turned into a love for children’s fashion. I knew that I wanted to own my own shop inspired by my littles ones. Read more>>

Neal Barenblat | Video Editor

Having gone through a string of layoffs at every large company that I’d previously worked for, I came to the conclusion that stability could only truly exist by taking control of my own situation. Video production in corporate environments clearly seemed to be more dispensable than I was comfortable with, so I decided to gather my contacts and pursue the life of a freelancer and a small business owner. Read more>>