Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why? Taking risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Samuel Deuth | Pastor & Author

I love this question! This is one of those essentials factors to any level of success. I know for my wife and I, we wouldn’t have gotten to where we are today in business if we hadn’t taken the massive risk to leave our job security in the Northwest for the complete uncertainty of a few entrepreneur opportunities here in San Diego. Should it be a calculated risk? Absolutely, risk without council is foolish. The Bible often reminds us in the book of Proverbs on the crucial nature of advisors contributing to success. Read more>>

Dasha Glozman | Holistic Health Coach & Founder of The Balanced Method

Risk taking is the reason I am where I am today. I was born in Russia and shortly after, my parent’s decided that they wanted to create a better life for our family. So my dad came to America a year before the rest of us did, with just $120 to his name. He didn’t know what the future would hold and he barely spoke English, but he knew that he needed to take the risk in order to make a change. He worked at the car wash during the day, and drove taxi at night for 5 years, and later went on to start his own HVAC company as he had a mechanical engineering degree from Russia. I always remember my parent’s sharing this story with me about how they sat on the couch one night, and counted their money, in shock that they had made their first $7,000. Over the last 20 years, he grew his company into a multi-award winning HVAC business in San Diego. Had he not taken the risk to move to America, none of this would have been possible. Read more>>

Jay Flats | Audience Warm Up Comedian

Risk is not just a board game that I wasn’t good at when I was young. Risk in real life can stop most people from “going for it’. I have been taking risks in Hollywood for 21 years. Saying yes to things outside your comfort zone is risky. Saying no leaves you in a creative and expressive corner. Risk can be scary if you’re not willing to fail. I always advise people to keep moving forward and put in the work. I actually like RISK… it keeps me heart rate up and I love the thrill. Read more>>

PÜRE Musica | collective of young artists from Southern California

Risk has played a pivotal role in our success. We see risk as an opportunity for us to grow. Our brand started by us taking massive risks throwing shows during the pandemic. With hosting music events comes a lot of risks, especially at our early stages when we hadn’t built a name for ourselves and all the factors that could go wrong and effect our brand negatively. Taking calculated risks was a key factor in our business because it allowed us to separate ourselves from competition and establish our own lane in the industry. Read more>>

Michael Crawford | Avid Foodie and Owner of Mikey’s Mealz

I believe that life is a gamble and taking risks to better your life is the same as betting on yourself. Taking risks has been a major part of my journey as an entrepreneur. Sometimes it feels like you jumped off a cliff, but when you are passionate about your brand you will soar. Read more>>

Tyler Jones | Ceramicist, Potter & Sculptor

Risks are something that most people are afraid of. That fear of the unknown, and not knowing if it’s worth the risk. But to me? Risk is everything. Risk forces you to work harder, risk makes you pursue your passion, risk helps you see beyond your own capabilities. Taking the risk to start my pottery business could have meant that I could have failed, lost all the money I spent. Instead, it made me work harder than I ever have before, forcing me to make that risk all worth it. Read more>>

Mattia Amoroso | Photographer

Without risk, life would be boring. Taking a chance on a person, hobby, career, lifestyle, can challenge you to learn and feel so much. I used to be a shy person that would stay in my lane, I was afraid to talk to people and do something that I could potentially fail at. Once I changed my mindset on taking risks I started to meet new people, learn new things, I saw my dreams as a possibility. Without risk, I would be missing out on so much in life and in succeeding in my dreams. Risk is important, even though there may be a possibility that you can fail you will learn through that failure, but along with the possibility of failure, there is a possibility of success so it’s always best to take the chance rather than miss it altogether. Read more>>

Bryahna Stocks | personal chef

I think of risk taking as a necessity. it sometimes fells like a life or death situations that often come up everyday or multiple times in a day. I like to think of Taking risk as a stepping stool that gets me to the next step. I take risks often in life and business sometimes things as minor as logo color to seriousness of putting so much money into a possible lucrative business doing something I love . with possibility of it crashing as a single mother that’s been the biggest risk. Though super scary and nerve wrecking at times its helped me tremendously in my career/business. taking those leaps into jobs I didn’t think I was qualified for. or party sizes I didn’t think I was ready for. if I didn’t take those risk and apply to the job and show up for myself who would ?and I’m grateful and so blessed to continuously be presented with those risks that enable growth for myself and daughter. Read more>>