Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why? Taking risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Susan Bratton | Trusted Intimate Wellness Expert To Millions and CEO of 2 companies

I always say my superpower is COURAGE. It was a big risk to walk away from my “credibility” in the high tech space when I morphed into my second career as a sexpert. As a trusted hot sex advisor to millions, my sheer being triggers many people because of their own sexual shame. I’ve learned that people need me to stand strong to reassure them. I was so dedicated to being a publisher of passionate lovemaking techniques that I ran out of money before I turned a profit. My husband and business partner Tim and I had to sell our beautiful house. We almost lost everything but wouldn’t give up. Our business finally began to turn a profit. Read more>>

Jackson Hunter | Musician

I take risks every day, as we all do. It has taken me to both high and low places but I prefer that over treating life like a waiting room. I dedicate my time to creation then share it with the world. It is a beautiful thing and I’m grateful to be part of the process. Read more>>

Suher Haidar | Wedding Planner/Industry Coach

Here is my 3-factor rule for risk-taking: 1. I ask 3 people who I trust in my life for advice. My sibling (my past & knows where I come from), my industry friend (because she knows where my mind frame is at all times), and my spouse (because he is a significant future). 2. I follow my gut instinct. My whole life has been a risk. After collecting advice from everyone, I sit with a cup of coffee and I fantasize how about each scenario and outcome for any decision I need to make whether it is personal, career, or lifestyle. 3. I pre-prepare myself for 2 scenarios while in the process of taking a risk: loss or success. I leave you with this risk is what keeps our creative juices running and with that risk you will never know what you can accomplish. Read more>>

Edgar Allan Toh | Artist

Taking risks is one of the most important exercise you need to do. There are degrees of risk and there are some risk taking people don’t even realize is risk taking. It could be choosing a different subject matter for your art, a different technique, or even material. In some ways this is risky because there is a chance of failure but not so risky as driving 100 mph in a car but risky none the less. It is risky because it tests your skills. It is also risky because it is a window for change. People are afraid of change because it means leaving a routine or identity that you may have spent time cultivating. Read more>>

Noah Gilman | Photographer and Filmmaker

Risk taking has been pivotal to my success as a small business. When you start, you have very little. Little equipment, little money, little experience, maybe even little time because of work or school. You have to make the best of it. That is where risk taking plays its role. The only way to fix these issues is to go out and work. Go out and create and do and explore your passion. It takes risk and it takes you being willing to fail and fall face first. The gigs and jobs you want exist just beyond your comfort zone. Sure, taking pics of models for trade on IG is awesome and fun, but it doesn’t make you money. Its easy and it is comfortable. Read more>>

Giacomo Pizzigoni | Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Milano Five Group (which owns Ambrogio15 Restaurant Group, Semola Pasta and Ciao Ciao Piadina)

I have always believed taking risks is an essential part of a successful, adventurous and fulfilled life. That’s why I always dreamed about being an entrepreneur since I was very young. When I envisioned Ambrogio, together with my partners Andrea and Luca, we knew that incredible amount of risks associated with starting a new venture at our young age in a different country, with a substantial investment (monetary and non). We dropped our corporate careers (we all were working for consulting companies), our safe salaries, our home and our families to embark in something new and out of our comfort zone. And even with all the difficulties, we loved everything single moment of it. The thrill and excitement of seeing all our efforts making a difference and our dreams coming true was incredible. Read more>>

Darryl Naigan | D from Ds Casino Dealing School Inc

Risk has played a huge role in my life. I have been in the Local Casino Gaming Industry since I was 20 years old. On my 19th birthday my father took me to Viejas casino for my first ever gambling experience. I had no clue about the gambling world. Within five minutes he won a bunch of money. As we were leaving, he gave the dealer $90 as gratuity. Automatically the wheels started turning. I was young but not naïve. I started calculating and asking myself “what if that happened 3 or 4 times a night.” The fun fast paced environment and concept of making money dealing games intrigued me and that was my introduction to gaming. There is two ways I look at Risk. There is calculated risk and then there is blind risk. Calculated risk is like a young 19 year old kid debating to leave his $8.50/hour job at a local bank for the potential of $90 three or four times a night. Read more>>

Adrian Ahearn | Band leader & Musician

Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all. Read more>>

Sylvain Tremblay | Artist Painter

The biggest risk is staying in your comfort zone and stopping to grow. Quickly you will be seen as a has-been, or a person who is afraid of losing instead of being a leader in your field. In my case, I try to put myself in danger and get out of my comfort zone. Example, I left Montreal for China for 3 years, then 5 years in Dubai and 3 years in NY. Changing my studio from country to culture and getting to know artists helps me see my art differently, it’s my way of getting out of my comfort zone.It’s different for each artist, It’s just my process! Read more>>