The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Alejandro Castro | Producer, Music Composer & Film Editor

With everything going on in the world right now, my life work balance has changed drastically, both physically and mentally. With the type of work I do in my 9-5 juxtaposed with the work I do creatively outside of that, equals a lot of time sitting at a computer so I have been really trying to make sure I get up and get outside. Whether it be to walk the dog or just making some time to head out to the coast and breath-in a different environment and surrounding, it’s all very important to try and get some diversity to your surroundings. The irony of it all is. that I tend to be a bit of a home body, where as my girlfriend is very much into traveling and getting out and being social. I have found that, while I think I have been able to maintain throughout all this confinement relatively unscathed, I’m beginning to think back on all those times I opted to just stay at home instead of going out or visiting family and friends. I hate to fly, but I can’t wait to travel now, which my girlfriend is excited about. Read more>>

Dominic Mineo | Health Coach, Fitness Guru & Author

This is a polarizing topic! Everyone seeks balance. But do they? What do you want? Does my career and lifestyle allow balance? These are some of the quandaries I ponder often along with many others lol. Balance is subjective. I think we all seek balance to keep life fresh but to also continue a consistent routine. It’s a bit of “this and that” if that makes sense. People like variety which is what balance is. I am a lucky man to have created a business and brand in my line of passion. However since I work for myself I don’t have much balance on a regular basis. Which is my trade off and sacrifice for living my passion work. I find happiness in the process of growing my business. I find happiness in being healthy, fit, exercising and practicing what I preach. I experience happiness when students and clients express gratitude toward my teachings and voice their level of happiness + growth from my program. Read more>>

Christine Tustin | Owner & Photographer

Since starting a photography business a lot has changed for me. I started my business in 2016, had my first baby in 2017, and my second baby in 2019. It’s safe to say running a business from home has changed significantly with two little ones. It has been hard to maintain a healthy work/life balance, but in a really cool way I’ve been forced into figuring it out. I can’t just let the little ones run rampant while I work all day and I can’t just ignore my work. I’m a few years into parenting and I’m still trying to figure it all out, but it does become more clear over time how much of myself I will allow to give to my work and family. I try to make sure I separate the two worlds because I never want my girls to see their mom constantly eyes glued onto a computer screen editing away or answering emails or worse…creating social media content instead of spending time with them. Read more>>

Liz Cortes | Co-Founder

Working with your spouse comes with many challenges especially if you had your own business before. Extra arguing and the power struggle can make you want to quit. That’s why having a healthy work life balance is so important. When I first started working from home 10 years ago the sun would blare and I’d close the blinds in my office as it got closer to sunset. I’d keep working saying just one more task. 5 years passed then one day I realized if I would have gone outside just 10 minutes after closing the blinds, I would have saw a beautiful ocean sunset every evening. Now, I stop working by 4:30 PM to cook a healthy paleo dinner then most nights Robert and I sit on the balcony talking about what we learned that day. I try to get outside for a walk or bike ride daily after lunch. When I take time to have work life balance my days are more fun and peaceful. Read more>>

Tessa Crownster | Cosplay Artist

When I started cosplaying in Europe I had a lot of free time especially during school vacations. When I decided to move to California, I wanted to continue my studies as well as have a part time job. At first, settling into a new country was really time consuming and I had quit my hobby as a whole for two years straight. When schools went online because of quarantine, I found myself working on my creative projects again. I slowly started to find that motivation I had lost when moving. Because of this new free time I had found, I was able to incorporate my hobby into my daily life, while at the same time focusing on school and my part time job. Usually I make my costumes by hand, and some of these projects can take months. I have accepted the idea of buying a few of my cosplays. At first I was very reluctant to the idea of a bought costume, but I realized that this saves me a lot of time, as it allows me to plan more photosets while also advancing progress on my own creations. Read more>>

Shana Lemon | Massage Therapist & Business Owner

I have owned my business now for 9 years and the work/life balance has definitely changed over the years. I was single when I opened so there was no reason that I could think of to not focus on my business every minute of every day. I was up for that kind of commitment when I first opened because I knew that was what it was going to take to build a successful, trustworthy business. After a couple years I got married and that changed and then I had a baby and it changed again. I am happy to say that putting all that time in when I first started gave me the opportunity to choose what kind of work/life balance I wanted for myself. I have built something that will run just fine when I am not there. I have been able to let go of some control and spend the amount of time with my family that I wanted to. Read more>>

Oz Blackaller | Entrepreneur, Chef & Yoga Coach

When we first opened Cueva Bar Cafe I feel we were open as many hours and days as possible in order to make ends meet. With time we realized being open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner service wasn’t helping neither our business or our personal life balance so we decided to close on Mondays. Immediately after closing on Mondays we felt the improvement in both business and personal lives. I had more time to plan for business success as well as to bring some quality family time into my routine. Eventually we decided to close Sundays and Mondays following the law of least effort. That made a huge change in the work/life balance. With time I’ve been able to incorporate more exercise and self care which in turn benefits my performance for the business, so instead of work taking too much out of my personal life, or my personal life interfering with my entrepreneurial success, they both compliment and make each other stronger and healthier. Read more>>