Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

Brooke Lewiis Bellas | Actress & Producer

I am a firm believer that behind my success as an Actress and Producer, and the success of any brand, is truth and integrity. I realize these words are tossed around quite often, but I mean integrity in my own personal “truth” in every sense of the word. After more than 20 years in the entertainment industry, between New York and Los Angeles, I have become very clear about my station, market and where I “fit” in the Hollywood industry. Years ago, I gave up trying to be something/someone I’m not and started embracing who I authentically am! I believe in order to have true success and joy in my life, I need to gravitate toward projects and acting roles that speak to me, and speak to others, in some way. Read more>>

Henry DeVries|  CEO (chief encouragement officer) and Acquisitions Editor

Our brand is generosity. We give away valuable information through writing and speaking that helps consultants attract high-paying clients. I host tow no-cost Zoominars a month and I write a column on business development for five times a month. Read more>>

James Schmachtenberger | CEO and Co-Founder of Neurohacker Collective

At Neurohacker Collective we are scientists, medical practitioners, biohackers, and health-conscious creators sharing our knowledge and techniques to help optimize the quality of your life—beginning with your mind. Our approach is premised on the idea that the body has an innate intelligence that can be supported and enhanced. No overriding the body’s natural functioning or tinkering with parts in isolation. We work to support the health of the body’s systems as an integrated whole, helping to increase its capacity and resilience. Read more>>

Rob Knauf | Head Honcho @ Rowlbertos Media

As you are ANY building a company from scratch, success comes in many forms. Especially with a creative field. From small milestones of actually getting PAID to create, legit paperwork making your company an actually LLC, to responsibilities you never imagined… like having employees! But the most consistent thing about Rowlbertos Media’s success is that we have been unapologetically ourselves from the start. This is evident in our branding all they way to our professional meetings. We aimed to be genuine and never pretended to be about something that isn’t inherently at our core. As we continue to grow creatively and professionally, we realize more and more how important building relationships really is. Even our company values reflect this, Be Cool, Be Creative & Give a Damn! Read more>>

Paper View | Paper Flowers & Stationery

The most important factor of our success is a customer’s ability to collaborate in designing and personalizing their own paper flower arrangement. In an age when the majority of shopping is done online, we strive to provide a hands-on experience similar to one you’d find in-store. The greatest disadvantage to shopping online is a lack of resource and assistance from someone with expertise. But when you shop online with us, we’re just a direct message away from answering all your questions and providing our expert advice! We encourage our customers to collaborate with us and in return they’re excited to be involved in the creative process. Read more>>