Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Phyllis Cheung | CEO/Founder

Shop My Porch is a hyperlocal shopping platform that connects makers and buyers in their local communities. We build up communities by showing buyers that there are amazingly talented makers in their very own backyards. Shopping small and local is realized within our business model of Porch Pop Ups. We teach makers how to create their own pop up shopping events with other makers in their neighborhoods. By doing so – they all get to know one another, promote one another, and create lasting relationships. Shopping with your neighbors is something that Shop My Porch has enabled and promotes. Read more>>

Will Rhett | CEO

Our mission at Sandcastle Tales is to foster fantastic experiences for families in our beloved beach community. One of the ways we have been serving our community is by providing our outdoor story time experience for local children who are not in school and have been stuck at home. We provide socially-distanced entertainment for children and their caregivers, providing a desperately needed opportunity for children to go outside and have some fun and engage in creativity. We also host socially-distanced outdoor game nights for teens and for elementary school kids. We believe it is so important for them to have an opportunity to have fun at a local community center while staying safe. Read more>>

Lighthouse Players | A Performing Arts Organization

Lighthouse Players is a community of Artists who equip all ages & strive for excellence by telling great stories when creating Art while embracing our identities and values. Our vision is to be a Tribe of guiding lights in the Arts community and community at large. No better challenge in perseverance is this than during the pandemic when the community has needed us the most. While physical safety is of utmost importance to us, taking care of the mind and spirit is equally important. We, Artistic Directors Noelle Marie and Ben Williams, saw how the pandemic was affecting people’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health and we knew we needed to create a safe space to meet the needs of the community in lifting spirits safely in person. During the pandemic we have been producing outdoor music and theatre events since July 2020 with people exiting in tears and gratitude for how much being amongst live performing arts is healing during a time of isolation and uncertainty. Read more>>