Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Sandra N | Publicist

The thought process is pretty scary at first for me. Of course you think about all the reasons it might not work, how many other companies are like mines and what makes me different. But once the dust settles, and your business plan is in place, the thought process becomes easier and much clearer. Read more>>

Lovelyn Redfearn | Dance and Fitness Instructor

My business was 100% birthed from the events of the Covid-19 pandemic. I worked for a marketing agency full-time and was laid off. The dance studio I taught cardio hip hop at closed their doors. But my passion for building community, and helping others feel their best through movement never left. I wanted to create a way for clients to continue their well-being journey – especially during a time when connection and stress relief were mostly needed. Read more>>

Raabia Jawed | Vintage Seller

When I first started selling vintage I was just selling items I no longer wore. I sold through EBay for fun and after my first sell I became more confident in the items I sourced. As I developed my personal style I found people asking me where my clothes were from. This led me to the idea of sourcing items for others. I eventually began selling in person at vintage markets in San Diego. I have had to take a step back from markets due to COVID-19 but I am still selling online. I am constantly curating my shop with items that are vintage but can be worn in a modern way. Read more>>

Sarah Long | Business Owner & Waxing Extraordinaire

For so long I have worked under many different management styles. I learned a lot from these individuals, from what not to do, all the way to carrying over certain business savvy styles that I still use today. After nearly 20 years in the workforce under someone else, the biggest priority I had was freedom in scheduling. I found it increasingly difficult to just get a Saturday off for a friends wedding, even when the request was 6 months out. Dealing with a chain of commanders, the communication wasn’t always the greatest, and most of it was out of my control. So in the end, the most finalizing thought to start my own business, was the freedom to schedule my days as I saw fit. Being in complete control to work long hard days to make up for a day lost, due to a prior engagement. Or working long days 7 days a week, so that I could enjoy 2 solid weeks off totally unplugged in another country somewhere. Read more>>

Nate Mell | Designer, founder of Felt+Fat

In retrospect, the idea of starting a small business was a forgone conclusion for me. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and always just assumed I would find a way to do that for myself one day. Felt+Fat started very organically and with a healthy amount of naivete back in 2014. I was working as a server in a restaurant, having recently graduated with a fine arts degree, when my boss, a really talented chef named Eli Kulp, asked if I would make him plates for a new restaurant concept. I took the offer and in the course of working on this small project, came up with the idea of a business that created custom tableware for chefs. Over the next several years I took on partners, interns and employees, eventually growing into our current 5,500 sq ft studio in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. Read more>>

Anna Reynolds | Lifestyle Brand Photographer

Throughout my childhood, I always envisioned myself owning my own business and working for myself. This may not sound like what a typical kid dreams about, but there was not one summer where I wasn’t dragging my siblings and neighbor friends into “working for me”, and helping me sell products on the corner of our neighborhood’s busiest street. What started with lemonade stands quickly turned into more creative items that I would hand make myself. Everything from woven friendship bracelets, to hand painted greeting cards. Anything I had in my home I would try to create and sell. As far as my current business, the thought process was to get out of working for a corporate company, and start working for myself in a way that serves others in the process. My job as a lifestyle brand photographer has done just that. The flexibility of working for myself on my own time, with no limit on my income is an absolute dream. Read more>> 

Abby Radford | Candle Maker

Shining Light Candle Co. was born from my need to express myself creatively but also make an impact, whether big or small, on other people’s lives. I’ve always loved the atmosphere that candles can create in any space just from the fragrance and the glowing flame. When I need a little time for myself, my favorite thing to do is curl up with a good book, a warm coffee, and a fragrant candle. I don’t think I’m alone when it comes to this idea of relaxing. I believe that candles can bring people up when they might be feeling down. Scents are very closely tied to memory, so what happens if I offer a candle that takes someone back to their favorite childhood vacation to the beach? Or a weekend away at Grandma’s with her homemade cookies? Or even hanging out with Dad and his musky cologne? This is kind of where the name Shining Light stemmed from. If you’re feeling down, just look for that shining light to pick yourself back up again and focus on the happy memories from the past and the great ones you will make in the future. Read more>>