We had the good fortune of connecting with Morghan Medlock and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Morghan, can you share the most important lesson you’ve learned over the course of your career?
The most important lesson I have learned in business as I am growing in my career, is the importance of self-care. As a private chef, I can not function as efficiently as I’d like to if my life outside the kitchen is not in order. Working out, “me time” days, detaching from social media, eating nourishing foods, & ingesting high quality brain food daily are the keys to me being able to deliver top tier culinary experiences to clients.

Please tell us more about your work. We’d love to hear what sets you apart from others, what you are most proud of or excited about. How did you get to where you are today professionally. Was it easy? If not, how did you overcome the challenges? What are the lessons you’ve learned along the way. What do you want the world to know about you or your brand and story?
I can’t say that I am set apart from other chefs as my focus is solely on my own lane, but I can say that I have been incredibly blessed to be able to not only cook but bake top tier tasting desserts. Most chefs specialize in either cooking or they’re a pastry chef. I do both equally well depending on the day. I am fairly new to the Los Angeles culinary world, and every new level of my journey is difficult at first and then everything evens out when I have learned the lesson that comes with that part of the journey. I am ALWAYS working even if it not necessarily in a kitchen. I read and study food, watch shows and videos to hone my skills. Food is always changing and staying up to date is vital to my progression. I am mostly excited about my own potential and the dishes I create for clients. I’ve learned that entrepreneurship is NOT for the weak but it is rewarding to walk in your purpose. There will be times where you may have dead periods of not working for a client, especially now with COVID on the loose, but I would not trade my life for anything other than my own and the direction it’s headed. I am MOST proud of being able to be an example to my son Austin (9), who is my biggest critic and my favorite client (as he thinks I work for him too). Being able to give your child something to look up to, be proud of, brag on, is the best feeling. It’s almost indescribable. He thinks I’m am Iron Chef of America and that will always be good enough for me. If there is anything I want people to know about my brand is that it won’t always be the fanciest style of plating, and there will be a little profanity in my kitchen, but every bite of food a person takes, and every experience I produce for them, will ALWAYS and FOREVER be authentic to the core of who I am. You will know Chef Morghan the minute you take your first bite. I put my love and soul into every pie, every salad, every pasta, every piece of everything I ever create. I want people to know that it is 100% OKAY for them to be themselves in their professions as being yourself will take you further than adopting someone else’s style ever will. I am living proof of such a belief. Which takes me back to what has been the best lesson for me thus far about self-care. The more you investigate who you REALLY are, the quicker you’ll find your purpose and soon be authentically walking in it … In my case, self discovery/self-care lead me to one of my favorite places on earth … The Kitchen.

I have worked with a plethora/variety of different types of clients from music entertainments, athletes, business execs and the likes, and everyday hard working people. I treat all clients equally and give everyone a top tier dining experience regardless of who they are and what they do. The kitchen is fun, crazy, organized, sometimes erratic but always, always WORTH it. I also take immense pride in keeping the confidentiality of clients with respect to who they are, what they do etc. Being a chef is a trusted position in someone’s home, after all … the kitchen is the center of everything and it brings everyone together.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
In light of COVID, if my best friend were to come to California for a week to visit, we’d explore the city like we always do. We always find new restaurants that we have never tried, we may try a museum or some new pop-up museums around the city. Roscoe’s sometimes is where she likes to go to get her fix, California Pizza Kitchen is always my favorite place to force her to go. Sometimes we’ll head towards the beaches and wander throughout the city, or sometimes we stay local. Rarely does ever get to experience my cooking as I all of a sudden pretend to have arthritis or some ailment that prevents me from getting inside my kitchen when she arrives. Adventure and randomness describe us as it relates to where we go eat and what we decide to do. She usually creates the itinerary before she comes for what she wants to do. She basically bullies me right into her plans and I usually oblige because I return the favor when I visit her in Texas.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
The first shout out goes to my three of my BEST girls. My sister Naya, my best friend BG, and my spiritual advisor/friend Tasha. The three of them collectively have given unlimited support and encouragement to foster an idea that was already inside of me. BG swears she’s the one who told me I was a chef. My sister found my culinary school. And Tasha taught me how to mentally manifest the dream I currently live. Without my three fairies, I am not sure I would have fully tapped into something that began as just a thought.

My second shout out goes to my father Michael who used to be a chef and to my God Mother Marshan, who BOTH are still to this day my favorite chefs of ALL time. It’s no surprise that I naturally picked up my father’s culinary gene. For as long as I can remember, I have been his understudy watching his every move from his impeccable knife skills (I’m still not as impressive as he is), to his ability to merge bold flavors that transformed and elevated simple dishes. He cooked FRESH meals almost everyday sometimes twice a day for me and my siblings.  From the way I source ingredients, to my pepper heavy hand, I attribute a lot of my culinary awareness to my father. Now my godmother is who taught me to cook with LOVE and my soul. She taught me the ins and outs of some good old fashioned butter to elevate savory dishes and that everything sweet tastes a little bit better with vanilla. My godmother has always been my culinary confidant when I am nervous before a huge client. She’s always taught me to have faith the size of a mustard seed and hasn’t steered me wrong yet when I get stumped during menu planning. I know every person I mentioned in my shout outs will say that I owe them nothing, but I feel differently. I owe not only myself to be successful, but I owe it to these people right here to use my God given ability to give back to the world, what they gave to me.

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