We had the good fortune of connecting with LaTanya L. Hill, JD and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi LaTanya L., every day, we about how much execution matters, but we think ideas matter as well. How did you come up with the idea for your business?

I realized what Reiki did for me at my darkest hour in life and how it made me find my true self. It healed me and made me totally happy and content with who I am and why I am. So, I want to help people feel the same, simple as that.

My company, IMREIKINOW, came into existence because there was a point in my life where I was extremely ill. After a lot of pain and anguish, physically, mentally, and emotionally, I found a medical expert about 7 years ago who diagnosed me with Rheumatic Fever and helped me alleviate the horribly painful symptoms by going to treatment twice a week, then eventually once a month. Truthfully speaking, out of a month, I was in excruciating agony for two weeks, then subtle pain, then no pain. It wasn’t how I wanted to live my life. I didn’t know how I would continue. If you don’t know much about Rheumatic Fever, then let me tell you it is a condition that attacks the heart and stops it from beating. But, before that, it causes excruciating pain in your joints and spine, and your nerves become inflamed. The pain is so bad that putting on clothes is painful, walking is not even possible at times, and breathing is laborious. The worse was that the pain would come and go so I never knew when it would happen or why. There were no triggers except eating gluten. It wasn’t a great life for me during that time.

Then, I remembered that I grew up with healers, psychics, and persons who believed in a power greater than man, God. I put my faith back to the forefront and began to pray and meditate on healing myself so I wouldn’t have to go to treatment anymore, which was just as painful as the Rheumatic Fever sometimes. I knew I had a gift of healing, discernment, and intuition based on other situations in my life with friends and family. I prayed one night for the ability to tap into healing energy. That next morning, I woke up and heard the instruction in my mind to learn Reiki. I had no idea what that was, so I looked it up and was so surprised that it was exactly what I grew up with down South. After that, everything fell into place, synchronicities were everywhere.

I was off work on medical leave so I was able to take a Reiki Practitioner I and II certification course to help connect with the Universal source that is God energy and get attuned to channeling that energy to myself and others. Initially, I never thought of starting my own business, I just wanted to physically recover and help family and friends when needed. But, as I practiced Reiki on others, my own intuitive gifts became enhanced and my Reiki grew so much stronger. The message spiritually came to me in meditation that I could be of greater service in this world through Reiki. So just by following my intuition, by praying, meditating, and Reiki’ing the situation, I began my journey as a working practitioner. I eventually became a Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher, then continued my training to become a Registered Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. As my journey continued, I just kept thinking, ‘I want to be an expert in this field of energy healing and I want to be able to help others heal and be happy.’

Once I saw how Reiki helped to heal my clients, how it helped other healers tap in to their individual Universal gifts, and how everyone’s life changed for the better, I kept branching out with ways to get my healing messages to more and more people. My business is not just an energy healing business, it is a way to find peace and happiness in this world without hurting others. It’s my philosophy and my way of living. What better business to have than one that is 100% for goodness? I love Reiki so much!

Everything I do is infused with Reiki. This is perhaps obvious, but because my entire life is Reiki, I named my business IMREIKINOW. The name is also a reminder that once you go up the path to Reiki, it changes your life for the better as long as you allow yourself to live with it completely. My certification classes, healing sessions, Animal Reiki sessions, guided Reiki meditations, written articles, and my Reiki handbook, “Reiki Vibrations with 33 Meditations & Affirmations,” are all created to help others move closer to their true self, to heal, and to be happy in this world.

What should our readers know about your business?

IMREIKINOW is a Reiki business that runs on an ethical code of being good and doing good. Reiki is Universal energy that only works when a person is open to it and does good with it. One can never do harm with it. The very nature of my business is to help without any negative intent. I also hold the standard that is set in place, the agreement I made with God to make sure I do good things with this gift and help as many persons as I physically can with Reiki. You can say it is my mission statement and business goals wrapped into one intent.

When I train and certify Reiki healers, I choose persons who truly want to learn and will use Reiki in every day life. I mostly train people who have specific gifts that are emerging, such as empaths, psychics, intuitively inclined. I know that everyone is born with a gift. So, I take it upon myself to help my students discover how to use their natural abilities with Reiki in the most positive manner. Not everyone will practice as a healer, but you don’t need to professionally practice to heal those around you.

Furthermore when I am in session with a person, I allow that person to be who he, she, or they truly are without apologies or judgment. We work through the negative and celebrate the positive. When I am hired to go to a business space or personal home to clear the energy, I use all my gifts to help the person or people receive what is needed for success in a good way. This includes recommending the alteration of the person’s opinion or need sometimes; a re-focusing to the positive. If I am asked to perform Animal Reiki, I make sure the person’s pet/fur baby is well taken care of and calm during the session. Animals love Reiki, too!

As part of my business model, I write and create Reiki meditations that are spiritually guided and unique. I post these guided Reiki meditations on my website, Instagram, and Youtube channel for people to use whenever needed. I am also an expert teacher on Insight Timer where I have about 14 well received Reiki meditations available for an international audience to listen to for assistance. I am presently working on a Reiki meditation course designed to overcome grief caused by a death in the family. A leading mental health expert has offered to assist me to ensure what I am creating with the course will work well within a therapeutic environment. I am a true believer that Reiki and therapy should be used together to help a person completely heal. I have also written various articles about Reiki and energy healing, and as mentioned before, I have recently published a Reiki handbook, “Reiki Vibrations with 33 Meditations & Affirmations” that is now available online. It offers information for those who are beginning their Reiki journey or who want to re-connect to the healer part of their being. The meditations and affirmations can be used in a professional or private setting. Once again, as I was writing, I just thought, ‘What can I write to help others the way I needed help as a Reiki practitioner.’

I also host monthly Reiki Gatherings where we discuss Reiki and energy healing, participate in a guided Reiki Meditation, and conduct healing sessions. There are healers who volunteer their time and persons who offer their private space for us to help people heal or practice healing. The Reiki Gatherings are on hiatus for the holidays, but we will start back up in the New Year 2022. I even collaborate with other healers on special events throughout the year, such as the Reiki Round Robin. This event will be held January 8, 2022 and participants will receive Reiki from multiple Reiki healers for 90 minutes. It is a great way to get acquainted with Reiki and the different manner in which Reiki heals for each individual.

Although I am a small business and one woman show, I love doing all of these things. I keep my work-life balance positive by efficiently scheduling Reiki sessions, certifications courses, events, and writing guided meditations, articles, and novels with the understanding that two to three days a month are just for fun activities. Honestly, it isn’t work or a challenge for me to do any of these things because I love using Reiki to help others so much. It makes me very happy when others are also happy.

Finally, I can say that if there is any lesson I have learned in my Reiki journey, it is to listen to that voice in your head that tells you there is something different, something better in store for you. I was receiving messages for years, decades before I had the courage to follow my heart and mind. That took putting everyone else’s opinions and beliefs about how I should live my life to the side. That meant that I had to focus inward and discover and accept who I am and what I could be in the face of derision, laughter, disbelief, and ridicule. One beautiful thing about Reiki is that once you find your true self, no one can move you in any other direction. The doors open and all your blessings and spiritual gifts are put before you. You just have to remember to be grateful, thankful, and share whenever possible. IMREIKINOW is about creating and reconnecting with Source, with God, with the Universe and understanding that we are all made of the same stardust, so let’s just be happy and at peace with one another, let’s all connect and heal together.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
We are definitely going to Venice beach to check out the people and shops there. It is so eclectic and a staple, must go to place. Santa Monica Beach, Promenade will get a walk through all the shops and ocean view. We could buy some Swarovski crystal necklaces and lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, then walk down the Promenade. Malibu will be next because, well, it’s Malibu and the ocean is peaceful most times when I go there so a dip in the ocean and meditating on the beach is a must. We would also go to my old haunts in Culver City. Main Street is the best place to just enjoy lots of different meals, music, or just relax and people watch. The Culver Hotel is my go-to spot for live music and dinner, but I think it is closed now. So, Public School or Meet in Paris would be a good eating spot for the trip. We could also do breakfast at Cafe Vida one morning then go to the dog park on Jefferson so my fur baby, William Wallace, can go ham on everyone…lol. We would also check out Hollywood to see the stars and take in the touristy part of the city, maybe go to a bar on the boulevard or Boardner’s one night. We would also check out Perch, Bestia, and Redbird before my friend leaves. For sure, the Arts District will be walked through and lunch at Wurstkuche would take place with dessert at Salt & Straw. We would probably go for a hike at Cobb Estate to see if there were any energies to clear away and lunch at 50/50 Slater’s in Pasadena. I would also take the person to San Pedro, Redondo Beach, and/or Hermosa Beach just for the heck of it and to see the differences in all the areas. Oh, and let’s not forget the Getty!

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?

I would love to give a shoutout to my family and CASA Los Angeles. My family because they always supported me. My background is in the legal, non-profit, and educational field. I went to school to become an attorney, but here I am a Reiki Master Teacher who also writes articles and books on energy healing and sci-fi. They supported my creative and spiritual side taking over the conservative. When I said, I wasn’t taking the Bar anymore to become a Reiki healer, they were happy for me. Everyone noticed my happiness, inner peace, and comfort once I began Reiki. My entire perspective changed for the better. So I appreciate and love them for this, especially my mom, Patricia Hill. She was skeptical of Reiki at first, but once I put her on my table and gave her a session, she completely changed her mind. She felt the energy and clearing. Now, she asks me to send her Reiki all the time and no longer asks about my becoming a lawyer. She understands I am following my life’s mission and I am happy. I even certified one of my cousins, Keniece Johnson, as a Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Practitioner II. She works in the children services field, helping families remain together or if necessary, temporarily remaining apart. It is challenging work, so Reiki helps her to clear away the negative experiences so she can continue helping in the best way possible. I have the best family when it comes to understanding my Reiki life.

The shoutout to CASA Los Angeles is due to my being a volunteer for this amazing organization. I have been a guardian and advocate for a child in foster care for over 5 years now. My teen is in college and working and succeeding in life. CASA volunteers allow this to happen for all those children who are going through a rough time in dependency court. I donated Reiki healing sessions for one of their fundraisers and actively participate in assisting them any time I can. I also certified my teen as a Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Practitioner II and she used it to heal her emotional scars and those left in her family. CASA Los Angeles is very supportive of alternative healing methods that help children be better and recover from trauma, so I love and appreciate this organization for the acceptance and progressive business model. Everyone should be a CASA once in the life. Helping children succeed is the best gift to the Universe and from the Universe.

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