We had the good fortune of connecting with Katherine Evans and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Katherine, is there something that you feel is most responsible for your success?
The most important factor behind my business that makes Katherine Beth Photography successful, are the genuine relationships created and maintained with vendors as well as clients, both current and potential. Knowing who my client is, has made a world of difference in my business. It’s taken a while to get to the point of finding my “Dreamies” (an Erin Youngren term), but now that I’m secure in who my client is, I’ve been able to dive deeper! I get to know my clients on a more personal level, enabling me to serve them at my upmost. Clients become friends, actual friends, friends who also share, refer, and tag, all helping my business thrive by real experience. Through them I’ve gotten to know my “Dreamie” vendors. The vendors that create the ultimate “Dream Team” on a wedding day or special event. Sending work to others, even other photographers when I’m unavailable and or am not a right fit, has cost nothing and taken very little time, but has made a world of difference in my connections. Kindness, and always taking a moment to go the extra mile to serve someone else has been so important to me, and I believe, besides my skillset, it’s a big reason for the success of my business.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
I’m a Wedding and Family Photographer! My motto is “Capturing the tree rings of your life, one year at a time.” I thrive on the organic, natural moments, the connections, and emotions between people. I always will get the formal captures, but the majority of what I strive to do is create actual memories within a session, or an event, bringing out the most pure laugh, the silliness, the tenderness and fun. Getting your pictures taken shouldn’t be a dreaded task, rather a day at the beach with the family, an afternoon at the coffee shop with a loved one, a cozy morning in with the new babe, and a moment of still on your wedding day. Those captured moments, those are the ones I’m most proud of. The ones I know you’ll pull out in a time of celebration and a time of loss. Those captures that will bring joyful memory and a feeling of closeness. I’ve been at this 17 years now, since interning with the only local Wedding Professional Portrait Photographer in my little hometown. I started by taking large film images with my head under fabric, and now have a six figure business of my own. It has been far from easy, but you know what?! That’s the beauty of it! I’ve not given up, I’ve had family, friends, clients, vendors and otherwise believe in me, and they’ve been my everything. I also truly believe this is a gift from God and it’s what I’m supposed to be doing, to bring glory to Him. I’ve learned to simply keep going, to believe in myself and to not second guess. All challenges have been overcome with nothing but my people by my side, assisting, loving, encouraging and supporting. Humility is important. Sharing the love has been everything. I’ve been able to share my heart through my images, and in a lonely world, or one of comparison, I feel as though it’s given a ray of hope to some, community to others as well as fostered new friendships. Opening up and reaching out has really become a mission, and it’s been healing to me. My story is one of relationships, one of togetherness and support and one where God is my comfort and my why.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
OHH SO fun. If my bestie was coming to town we’d go to Coronado for SURE. That’s always a favorite spot, each end of it! Love Coronado Brewing Co, and love getting coffee in the cafe at The Del and walking around. Toes in the sand is always our mission! We have babes, so the night scene isn’t really for us anymore, ha! I’d take her to Solana Beach and we’d walk the main little town! We’d go to Liberty Station, eat and get drinks at The Public Market, and walk to Moniker General for a photo opp. We’d walk the pathways, and stop at the playground for the littles, and get another meal at Tender Greens! We’d go to Balboa Park and walk all around. We’d have wine at The Prado and then leave for down town at The Headquarters, for lunch at Puesto! We’d finish the trip by having lunch at Carolines Cafe at Scripps Pier in La Jolla, and stay to watch the sunset!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
The Breezy Day Wedding Sister Squad, Courtney and Heather Dahl, both Wedding Coordinator and Wedding Florist deserve such a shout out, as they’ve contributed to my success in sending clients my way, loving on me during hard personal life happenings, contributing in Styled Shoot concepts and more! They actively share my images, and tag, spreading my name. Besides being wonderful dog-loving humans they are EXTREmely talented and I try to get all of my clients to book them first and foremost!

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