We had the good fortune of connecting with Jordan Straus and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jordan, let’s start by talking about what inspires you?
Not sure if I have already been introduced or not but if so hi again, I’m Jordan, 20 years old at the time of writing this and possibly 21 by the time you’re reading this. (birthday is coming soon. Eek!) I do a plethora of entrepreneurial type jobs but my main sources of income are produced by social media managing and makeup artistry. Social media is newer for me and mostly a means in which to make income. It’s not something I’m necessarily all that passionate about. Beyond creating and writing the analytical side of social media can be a living hell if I’m being completely honest. Makeup on the other hand is my muse. It is my expression and my craft. It is often my escape from my overwhelmed brain and a way to connect with God on a “creator with it’s creation” level. My business is called World Makeover. A Christ-Centered Women’s organization created to provide beauty and photography services for women who can’t afford them. It is also a means in which to provide a space for complete vulnerability. Somewhere where we can see what’s really going on inside. Where we can see who someone is at their very core, Something I feel the beauty industry has often done a poor job of. Now the question is “what inspires me?” A simple yet thought-provoking question. My answer is short… You. Maybe I sound somewhat cheesy for saying this but let me explain before you completely write me off for my seeming lack of uniqueness. If I’m being honest makeup in itself is utterly worthless without being paired with some form of connection through it. All art is this way and makeup is no different. For example, You wear makeup because of the beauty it brings out in you. A beauty you couldn’t see before. Or you have a connection with a sort of abstract or ”avant-garde” (as we call it in the makeup world) look and it induces an emotion in you. It’s a connection that we’re actually seeking. Now when you’re a makeup artist and your doing makeup on other people it takes that connection we so desire to a whole other level. You have the opportunity to give this person the gift of being known, heard, loved, and seen. The needs we are all desiring to be met. You and this person for at least an hour have each other’s full undivided attention. WWhat are you going to do with it? Most of my makeup appointments involve a crying session and a prayer. Ultimately I do this because of knowing God who reached down to love, see, hear and know me in my darkest place. I do this because the girl in front of me is often a hurt little girl waiting for someone to notice. I do this because I’ve been her and I know how I wish someone would’ve done the same for me. Even if somebody doesn’t believe in God as I do I know at least for a moment they could experience a divine touch of His love just by me taking the time to offer. To wrap this up; when I feel down, uninspired or I lose sight of purpose I remember the deep wells of endless possibilities’s awaiting me inside YOU, the person in my makeup chair. When purpose comes to remembrance let’s not just say it’s inspiring, it’s more than that, it’s heart transforming. My one prayer would be that anyone reading would see the deeper meaning behind their placement in life. From the pizza boy to the desk job all the way to the finest doctor in the state. What are you here for? What impact are you going to make in the people’s lives around you? How are they impacting yours? I pray your eyes open to all these things. In Jesus’s name amen. Thank you for reading. -Jordan Straus.

Please tell us more about your business. We’d love to hear what sets you apart from others, what you are most proud of or excited about. How did you get to where you are today professionally. Was it easy? If not, how did you overcome the challenges? What are the lessons you’ve learned along the way. What do you want the world to know about you or your brand and story?
My brand has a lot to do with my faith. When I attended beauty school in 2017 I had just got out of a lifestyle of drugs and homelessness a year prior. I had an encounter with God that left me undeniably transformed. While I hated Christianity and counted it off all as make believe the God I had just encountered was far from that. All this being said since my transformation was not long before school started I knew very well what darkness looked like. I began pouring out the love of God into the women around me just by asking them questions a little deeper than the surface. “What was your childhood like?” “How’s your relationship with your dad?” and so on. The conversations usually began with the girls saying something along the lines of “well I’ve never told this to anyone before…” followed by some kind of deep secret they had been too ashamed to express. We cried and then prayed. I carried this into my career and saw many lives being touched by God. I was never pushy or forceful. I simply loved how God would love; compassionately, gently, and unconditionally. This is what birthed my business “World Makeover.” World Makeover is my way of restoring the beauty industry to genuine love and identity. It’s where I create a space for women to be completely, entirely, and vulnerably themselves. While also providing services to women who can’t afford them because every woman should be treated with value as you would a bride no matter her bank status. We have teams in 6 different states and planning to be in every part of the world. I dream of one day seeing the women in the beauty industry knowing who they are and who God is by the way we have loved them.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
Well, I recently moved to Dallas, TX although I am from San Diego, CA. Since my business is still there in San Diego, along with my amazing team and I visit frequently. I’ll tell you what an ideal day would be for me and a friend in SD. First, wake up and talk for like an hour (I’m a quality time person)! Then go to breakfast most likely the Broken yolk Cafe right by my favorite nail salon in pacific beach. We’d then go to the nail salon; Terri’s Nails. Get our nails done and then head to the beach (duh)! After a few hours there I’d probably want to head to my favorite açaí place in Point Loma; North Side Shack. Maybe after visiting my home away from home church The Rock Church just to see who’s around and say Hi. Afterward, head to a coffee shop! Moniker General sounds great since it’s nearby. Get some work done or just chit chat. In the evening there’s usually some kind of friend hangout, worship night, ministry event of sorts going on so we’d head there and be filled with community. After, dinner at Habit Burger with all the friends and head home for some kind of cheesy, dramatic show until we fall asleep talking about life.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
There has been a mighty handful of people in my life that have pushed me to pursue my dreams. However, if I could thank anyone for my success it would have to start with my parents. Maybe a basic answer but they never desired to hinder my creative abilities and dreams. They believed I could do more than I could even dream of. This had made me quite the visionary as an adult. Now I find myself pushing them to pursue their dreams. It’s funny how life comes full circle

Website: https://worldmakeover.org/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/worldmakeover/?hl=en

Youtube: https://youtu.be/cjbza_jl_ws

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