We had the good fortune of connecting with Jenn Gold and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jenn, is your business focused on helping the community? If so, how?
Being apart of our local desert community is a big part of what we do here at Grounded. We have hired top professionals within their field to offer therapeutic services such as cupping and deep tissue massage. The locals know where to go for pain management to strengthen their golf and tennis games, tend to running injuries, post surgery bodywork and so on. Our goal has been to nurture a healthier lifestyle through our products and services, flexible scheduling, reasonable prices and a friendly, professional crew the locals are friends with. One of the ways we like to support our community is with our boutique hotel partnerships. We combine our high quality services with their mid-mod on-site locations in the beautiful Coachella Valley. Our mobile massage services are a fave here in the valley and are scheduled months in advance. We also make therapeutic house-calls for mobile massage for those that need [want] the added luxury of allowing us to bring the spa to them. In addition our products and services, are purchased and provided by local women makers! Our focus and priority when deciding on new partnerships is on local, earth-friendly, animal-friendly, women owned, minority owned and operated, and those that follow fair trade agreements. By the end of this year our goal is to become a B-Corp. This will strengthen our mission to promote a healthier lifestyle, incorporating self care and kindness every damn day.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
I love this question! So, my favorite part of my job are the endless ways I get to be creative. I think I enjoy identifying more as an artist rather than a “business owner” kind of title because I feel less closed in with more opportunity to “create”. It’s not all sexy though. I do wish I had everyday to work on marketing and packaging details, a new local maker partnership and collab, breathing life into our brick and mortar shop by rearranging the entire studio, but sometimes I have to use my creativity in other ways. Day-to-day operations keep me busy but I’m not gonna lie. I love situating our sonos speakers perfectly in each room to drown out other noises. Want to listen to ocean waves or whales? Done! I also have it noted you don’t care for lavender, so we placed your favorite essential oil in your room. Do you need priority scheduling? You have an allergy? We know about it. Room temperature water to drink, of course. We have it all covered. And if we missed it this time, we have it noted for next time. It’s fun creating this for our clients because they’re our friends. Wether they’re locals that come every week for multiple services with their fave therapists, or our out-of-towners that visit us year after year. It’s why I love creating such a fabulous experience for them. It’s our thank you. When I was a massage therapist, I loved creating custom bodywork sesh’s for my clients. Now I help my crew with their clients’ needs and create that same repeat relationship for them. It’s so rewarding watching those friendships grow, because I know my crew stands behind the services we provide. We’re clients too! Sixteen years ago my massage instructor, Constantine Teodore was my first “spark”. He said something that inspired me that I believe in to this day. “Jennifer, you need to be grounded like tree, hm?”. So, I checkin frequently with myself to make sure I’m grounded. I think this is what helps me create the Grounded experience.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
Welcome to Palm Springs! Plenty to do. Plenty to see. But also a great place to do nothing, and just be. We schedule many girls getaway weekends, so we have your desert spa itinerary created ahead of time which includes a list of our fave local eats. This also includes local faves, must-sees, and of course food and drink menus. Tell us ahead of time what your trip is for and we can customize your list even more. Stay at one of our boutique hotel partners : The Monkey Tree. The Arrive Hotel. Alcazar. The Palm Springs Hotel. Villa Royale. or Stay at one of our Airbnb partners : Penny Lane. Mojave Moon. Joshua Tree Place. ACME homes include The Lemonade House and House of Stardust. Sunrise hike at Lykken Trail or stay in the shade in the Indian Canyons. Joshua Tree National Park is only a 45min drive out of town, but please stay on the trails and leave it better than you found it. Breakfast : Cheeky’s is a local fave. Juniper Table. Townie Bagels. Sherman’s Jewish Deli. Farm. L’Atelier Cafe. Fieldtrips : Moortens Botanical Garden. Downtown giant baby’s crawling around. PS’s Art Museum [free on thursdays]. Downtown PS’s Walk of the Stars. Native American Cultural Center. Tram ride up to the Santa Rosa Mountains [bring a picnic]. The Living Desert [30min drive]. Lunch : Draughtsman. Chef Tanya’s. Chicken Ranch. Jake’s. The Heyday. Midmod Cafe. The Sandwich Spot. Tac/Quila. Grand Central. Wilma & Frieda’s. French Miso. Aspen Mills. Dinner : Sandfish. Roly’s. Eight4Nine. Spencer’s. Giuseppe’s. El Mirasol. Ezvin. Rubin and Ozzy’s. Rooster and the Pig. Inka. Takashin. Copley’s. The Workshop. Bars+ : Bootlegger Tiki. Dead or Alive. Las Palmas Brewing. Toucans. High Bar. El Patron. Truss & Twine. The Reef. Tonga Hut. Paul Bar. Counter Reformation [secret wine bar at the Parker]. Coffee Shops : Ernest Coffee. Koffi. Cartel Coffe Lab. 4 Paws Coffee. Ristretto. Gre Coffehouse. Treats : Kreem. On the Mark. Great Shakes. Ice Cream & Shoppe. Over the Rainbow. Lala’s.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
My thank you and appreciation list is miles long. There are always so many people to thank, someone behind the scenes running the magic show, a phone call or text that pushes me to wipe away the tears and keep moving forward; sideways is ok, but always forward. My mum will always be first on this list; my biggest fan. Not a day went by without her telling me how proud she was of me. I got my green thumb from her, and have filled the studio with her plants. I think of her every time I water. It’s my own form of therapy and self care. Every time I talk with the plants, she’s there with me. And the plants are so important here at Grounded. We’re all about the power of the plants, not only in our feng shui, but in our clean-skincare products we co-create and use in our services and also at home in our own skincare routines. And to complete this circle, I share this philosophy with my two daughters Autumn and Lily, to strengthen the importance of self care and to create a lifestyle that supports it. Our children watch us; they watch everything we do. It’s important for them to see us caring for ourselves, respecting ourselves and giving our “self” the time it needs. Caring for one another, starts with us caring for ourselves and we can do this with a few adjustments to our lifestyles. Life’s too short not to. “If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” -Dalai Lama

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