How do you know when you should keep going versus when it makes sense to cut your losses and try something new? It’s a difficult decision most entrepreneurs and creatives have faced along their journey and so we asked some brilliant folks from the community to share their thoughts.

Kahlil Nash | Songwriter/Producer

I typically ask myself “Am I passionate about what it is/what I’m doing?” and if really is my hearts desire, I continue and keep going until I reach my goal. Read more>>

Cortez Glawson | Guitar/Vocals

For us it’s about just going. We all we love to play music an write new songs so even if we are not able to play out live right now, we still plan to keep working on new songs and making a second album, regardless of who hears it. Read more>>

Natacha Nelson DC, MA | Doctor, Author, Mental Health Consultant

When I think back on my career as a Doctor and professional athlete, even role as parent and friend, one of the most important lessons for me to learn was discerning when to dig deep and push through the barrier and when to let go. As an athlete, its normal to push harder, do a little more, develop the discipline to feel uncomfortable, lay it all on the court in the pursuit of the win. I took this mentality into private practice for years, always pushing beyond my comfort zone. Only when my body collapsed in complete exhaustion, did I realize I pushed too hard. When my body made me stop, I took the opportunity to learn, to understand. In being completely honest with myself, I could identify the exact moments I pushed when I should have stopped. I felt obligated to continue working, when my heart yearned to be home with my newborn. I could have scaled back, but fear consumed me. Fear of losing my practice, my income, everything I had worked 15 years to build. Read more>>

Emily Villedieu | Photographer, Producer, Creator

There is no giving up. I can’t give up. I have told myself that every day for awhile now. I’m a firm believer in “Life is what you make it”, and if you love something enough, no matter what has gotten in your way, you pursue it. The way I see it is society takes peoples various failures or life changes as a way of settling or giving up but to me it’s just adapting to the foundations you are being given. Read more>>

Ismael Pohlert | Music Manager & Multimedia Management Specialist

We originally started the record label because our founders, Farouq and Nick fell in love with creating music. Our third founder Ismael has made our ideas a reality. Since we started our record label, we decided that we would continue to do what we love. As long as we love what we are doing and continue to strive making changes in our community, we will continue to create music, host live shows, and give our all to Share The Wealth Records. We continue to keep going because we have built a solid team of artists, videographers, writers, and managers that contribute to our success. The support of our team is what helps our business stay afloat despite monetary challenges. We are a community and at the end of the day, we Share Our Wealth amongst each other and throughout our community. Read more>>