Love.  It’s the most powerful force in the world and so we asked the community to tell us about their love stories and how they found their significant others.

Anisett Jacques-Willis | Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Ceo of One Centricity

14 years ago on a bathroom line at Fashion 40 lounge in NYC, I met my now-husband and business partner. It was the go-to place after work on a Friday in NYC to kick back and dance. While waiting on a long bathroom line, my song B.U.D.D.Y from Musiq Soul Child came on. I could not resist the urge to dance and make the bathroom line my dance floor. I remembered looking to my right and making eye contact with this suited up guy leaning on the wall. I gave him a smile and went back to my grooves. I then turned and there he was behind me asking me to dance. On the bathroom line, I thought but didn’t think twice. I was completely taken by him in both his convo and dance moves. Read more>>

Paige and Kyle Rigg | Resale Shop Owners

My name is Kyle Rigg and my wife, Paige, and I met in 10th grade at Patrick Henry High School. Well, technically we met and sat next to each other in 8th grade English at Lewis Middle School, but I was way too shy about girls at the time so we hardly spoke. We re-met in Sophomore year when I ditched my ceramics class to go hang out with one of my buddies in the connected room that was teaching Art and lo and behold! Paige was sitting right next to him. She was shy and quiet, but was nice to talk to and would always make me laugh at some silly joke. I liked to bring a ball of clay with me and just kind of fiddle with it as I talked to them. I thought she was pretty cute so one day I made a ring of clay, handed it to her and said, “Here’s a halo to compliment your angelic features.” A couple days later a mutual friend of our told me Paige had asked if I was single and that was it, I tell you! Read more>>