We had the good fortune of connecting with Anisett Jacques-Willis and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Anisett, what can you tell us about how you met your significant other?
14 years ago on a bathroom line at Fashion 40 lounge in NYC, I met my now-husband and business partner. It was the go-to place after work on a Friday in NYC to kick back and dance. While waiting on a long bathroom line, my song B.U.D.D.Y from Musiq Soul Child came on. I could not resist the urge to dance and make the bathroom line my dance floor. I remembered looking to my right and making eye contact with this suited up guy leaning on the wall. I gave him a smile and went back to my grooves. I then turned and there he was behind me asking me to dance. On the bathroom line, I thought but didn’t think twice. I was completely taken by him in both his convo and dance moves. When I came out of the restroom he was still there waiting and took me over to his friends, and introduced me as his future wife. I would say, I fell in love with him multiple times and I continued to fall in love with different versions of him. I fell in love with how he treated me like a million bucks each day and like nothing else mattered but our growth together. One of the hardest moments of my life was watching my mother battle against cancer. God rest her soul as she is now in her resting place, He was there for my mother and me every step of the way. He whispered in her ear during her last moments “Don’t worry, I will love and take care of your daughter and love her unconditionally”. That he did and continues to do. Fast forward a year later from that moment, we were getting married amongst friends and family in St Lucia and never looked back. Our love continues to blossom at every level in life we now share. We both had a love for movement at a young age and rediscovered that together. Building physical and mental strength in different aspects of self-care became a happy place for us both. Physical fitness, as well as a variety of other wellness practices, travel, and fashion, grew as a lifestyle that we enjoyed individually and together. In fact, collectively we feel we are stronger together but we respect our times apart for our individual growths. This allows us the opportunity to always push each other to our best versions of self. In turn, we share our best selves with each other and the community around us. Physical movement and other forms of self-care has been such a paramount foundation in the growth of our lives. We also like to inspire others to be great and provide the tools to get them on a path to fulfilling their own journey of self-preservation. Our decision to start a business together came from an idea to share with others the importance of self-care and promote different concepts to better oneself. We feel that there are so many different avenues to self-care such as fitness, nutrition, wellness, travel, and fashion. It’s really all about what makes you feel grounded. For us, it took a little bit of it all to fill different chambers of our hearts however it’s up to the individual and what they envision their best to be. We developed our business One Centricity with this concept in mind. It’s a place people can go to find food for thought and various self-care products and services all in one place. We research together and test out all our services and products before placing them into our marketplace. We build relationships with the different brands we work with to share their stories around self-care to our audience. We are now business partners which is a new level of understanding and love. Some days are great and some days it’s hard-working together. We both take the time out to learn each other’s working style in order to learn how to lean on each other’s strength in different areas of business. It’s like falling in love with a different version of your partner that normally you don’t see first hand when working separately from your partner. We have learned to balance business life and our personal love life to work in unison. One thing that we always go back to when things get tough in business is why we started which helps keep us grounded on our mission because when you’re in the thick of it’s easy to lose sight of your goal. Our journey of love and falling in love continues. I like to say if you stop growing you stop creating, so I always look forward to growth in myself, my partner, my relationship, and the community around us. I fall in love over and over with it all including myself.

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
In an ever-expanding health and wellness scene, it can be intimidating and to figure out what options are available…and which are best for you specifically. Researching and reading online reviews s can take so much time, and can still leave you not 100 percent sure. I decided along with my business partner it was time to fix this exact problem. One Centricity was formed, an online platform connecting customers to fitness and wellness providers in the area. We provide food for thought to ensure we are educating our audience on different concepts of self -care. Most importantly, everything is tested by industry experts to ensure quality and integrity. My work as a clinical social worker with various populations and organizations allowed me to truly learn human behavior and how that can be affected by the environment. I know I entered this field because of the strong desire I have to help others in need. My work providing counseling, advocacy, and direct care services all led to one thing: self-care. Helping my clients find different behavioral methods to make sure they take care of themselves first, no matter what the circumstances are, allowed me the see the power behind it. Working with individuals with a wide range of assisted services, such as housing, employment, mental health, medical, and addictions all led to one strategy, which was adjusting to changes in their life and helping to develop strategies to change their negative behaviors. After working on the emotional side of becoming a business owner, which will always be a work in progress, I started to lay down the groundwork. During the day, I work as a Clinical Social Worker for the Department of Veterans Affairs. In the evening, I change hats and work on building alongside my husband, our company One Centricity. I started by studying the current market place and what was missing. I found mentors in the industry to help direct our vision. I started going out there and connecting with people and testing out providers in the industry of fitness/wellness. I lead and breathe the lifestyle that I want our brand to stand for. I signed on one partner to our platform and it felt great. It told me someone believes and trusts in our mission. Then it just was a ripple effect from there, with more and more people allowing us to share their story and their brand in a different light. The journey of connecting with providers continued from there. The lessons have learned are not to rush the process and to let go of perfection. When I did that my vision came to fruition. Our mission is to inspire and assist in your life of health and prosperity while maintaining a personal relationship with themself.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
I would like to shout out Cafe Gratitude for their amazing vegan calamari. El Camino‘s Friday night 90s dance party. Oh and I can’t forget Breakfast Bitch in Hillcrest!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
All the Women in my women’s group PBSC Panter Blood Social Club

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