Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making.  And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck.  We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Kamelia Britton | Travel & Lifestyle Influencer and Instagram & Business Coach

For me, it’s all about sharing my own story in an authentic way in order to help others. I started my blog Hackerette.com in 2016, and back then I was heavily focused on travel hacking at that time. Over the years travel hacking organically evolved into all things travel and even sharing more of my personal life. Then in 2019, out of nowhere, I received a shocking cancer diagnosis. My whole life took a turn overnight and I couldn’t travel for a while due to my aggressive treatment schedule. I made the choice to share my cancer journey in order to help others and also looked for new ways that I could serve my audience. Read more>>

Nancy Mancilla | ISOS Group CEO & Co-Founder // ASU School of Sustainability Adjunct Faculty

When we started the company in 2008, it was with 3 goals in mind; 1) to create a new profession that would rise out of the recession, 2) to inspire a new way of doing business, and 3) to be a model in that process by establishing a consultancy that would be mission-driven vs. profit-driven. Since we bootstrapped efforts and hit all major cities across the country with our sustainability trainings, we connected with and enabled ‘the next generation of sustainability professionals’. Read more>>

Alexa Machado | Photographer + Photoshop Coach

I’m going to say my current success on my ever evolving journey is a direct result of working through a lot of personal mental blocks, especially surrounding fear that was keeping me paralyzed in certain areas of my life. You can’t see the desired level of success in business if you don’t first cultivate a level of awareness of your destructive habits, and that’s going to come from sorting out a lot of your personal baggage. You can’t use your business as a way to hide from it because whatever you haven’t sorted is going to be the cause of chaos in your professional life in the long run. Read more>>

Patrick Toth | Brand Analyst & Photographer

The most important factor behind the success of our entire company brand is the relationship of my wife and I. When we became married, we realized that our gifts were not to be used apart from each other. As our relationship grows stronger day by day in marriage, so do our gifts as we bring them together in our business, Beeleaf Creative. This can most evidently be seen in our relationship together and with our customers. I believe that God has used us in marriage to really guide individuals through the mountaintops and the valleys. Read more>>

Nina Camille | Teacher, Coach, Healer, Creator of Experience Freedom

Authenticity. I’m a teacher, coach, healer and spaceholder, and if I don’t do my own work first, I don’t have anything truly of value to offer others. If I’m not able to hold myself truly in compassion, I am not able to hold others in compassion. The reason my business and practice has become so “successful” is because it’s trustworthy, it’s real, and it’s an extension of who I actually am in the world. Giving more of who you really are allows others to connect more deeply to you, and in a world where we are often our own brand, being authentic and vulnerable is necessary in order to have a sustained following. Read more>>

Jay and Mack Hovland Jay and Mack Films | Wedding Filmmakers

Ironically, the most important factor behind the success of our brand has been holding on to my job as a registered nurse. By having financial stability and job security, it allowed us to take so many risks and push our brand in the right direction. First, we were able to invest in some of the best gear early on which naturally pushed the quality of our films. Not only did it elevate the quality, but the ease of use and ergonomics allowed us to focus on what really matters: moments. We spend less time fiddling with settings and more time observing our surroundings, hardly missing a shot. Read more>>

Lilene French | Professional Certified Life Coach and CEO of Reflections of a Queen, LLC

The most important factor about my personal development and career life coaching business is that Reflections of a Queen, LLC’s entire mission is to help women in mind, body, and spirit. So far we have done a phenomenal job in assisting women all over the world to better self asses their lives and careers in a more fulfilling way. Our goal is to continue to empower, educate, and equip women with the tools necessary to further facilitate paradigm shifts that create more success and abundance for our client(s). Read more>>

Maxine Chapman | Co-founder of SurfDurt Sunscreen

We see success as talent mixed with purpose. Talent means having great people on your team and great people by your side. In other words, the whole community around your brand really matters. Luckily for us, people of that caliber tend to gravitate around a worthy cause. At SurfDurt we’re always striving to do the most we can to uplift sustainable systems: from creating a product that’s meant to stop ocean pollution, to sourcing ingredients that can help rejuvenate bee colonies and support farmers. Read more>>