We had the good fortune of connecting with Patrick Toth and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Patrick, what is the most important factor behind your success?
The most important factor behind the success of our entire company brand is the relationship of my wife and I. When we became married, we realized that our gifts were not to be used apart from each other. As our relationship grows stronger day by day in marriage, so do our gifts as we bring them together in our business, Beeleaf Creative. This can most evidently be seen in our relationship together and with our customers. I believe that God has used us in marriage to really guide individuals through the mountaintops and the valleys. This part of us, this relationship, brings everything to a personal level with our customers. Beyond graphic design, email marketing, or even social media templates, we are here to care for the customers themselves and we do that by building relationship. We feel that the interaction we have with our customers will positively transfer over to their customers, bringing their brand to a much higher value…and ours as well!

What should our readers know about your business?
Not to sound like a broken record, I think what sets us apart is our relationship. We care for our brands as people who simply have a design need; this credibility stems from how my wife and I care for each other in this business. We want our customers to see the transparency in our branding design process and feel that they are getting a service of the highest quality! We intend to provide branding services that say, “We’re in this together!”. We are excited to see small businesses feel more confident in their brand and become better equipped to go make their mark in a very busy world. This journey was not easy for us either. Prior to Beeleaf Creative, we both worked as freelance creatives: her in graphic design and myself in photography. We ran our own businesses for a few years. This path was trying and we ultimately hit a wall. At that time, we took off an entire summer to pray about our next steps. It was through this time of prayer that we finally had the answer to combine our creative gifts together to form our current branding agency! We are now operating smoothly and retaining clients that are the perfect fit for what we feel God was leading us to do. To be bold and honest, the biggest lesson we learned was to lean on God for wisdom and guidance. We want the world to know that our brand stands firm on that truth. It’s that truth alone that allows us to have the creative space to be purposeful, relational, and effective in our branding services. Our story is continuously is being written to better serve our community. Right now, Beeleaf Creative is the avenue in which we intend to bring relationship into branding, and branding into positive social impact.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
This is a great question! A lot of our closest friends live here in San Diego, but occasionally we do get visitors from the outside world. This is where we would take them for week long adventure (no particular order): 1. Sunrise hike to Garnet Peak at Mt. Laguna. This hike is slightly strenuous for the average joe, but watching the sun make it’s first touch over the Anza Borrego Desert is pretty remarkable and hard to pass up (only for the early risers, though!) 2. Breakfast at Trails Eatery in La Mesa. If you catch them during the right time of the year, their seasonal pancakes will have you wanting more! 3. Cabrillo Monument Tide Pools. These are fun and unique. The parking is difficult, but the views here are nearly perfect on a clear day! 4. San Diego Zoo/Safari Park. It’s one of the best in the country for a reason. I didn’t believe the hype at first, but I become a kid when I walk in. 5. Alexanders in North Park. This is especially good for visitors who want a nice dining experience to themselves. 6. Great Maple. If you can squeeze yourself into this place to find a seat, their portions are a great size and the food is some of the best in the area! 7. Kayaking at La Jolla Shores. I had so much fun doing this with the La Jolla Kayak tours that I lost my favorite pair of shades in the ocean and did not care (also my fault for wearing them out)! 8. Milagro Winery and Julian. Totally subjective since I got married here, but this winery is both fun and beautiful, with lots of activities to do for adults and views over large vineyards. Stop by Julian for some apple pie afterwards! 9. Raised by Wolves. When you look past it being inside of a mall, this speakeasy makes you feel like you’re in the Great Gatsby movie; cocktails are phenomenal. 10. Mt. Helix. There’s something special about this place. It may the drive, the views of SD County during sunset, the solitude, or even the amphitheater, but this place continues to be my wife and I’s go-to spot when we want to relax and break away from the chaos for a bit. I figured 10 would be enough. This list could probably extend down to 20 more things, but we will save the rest for when the visitors come back, which almost always happens here in San Diego!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
For my wife and I, this list could get fairly long, as we have had many friends and family partner with us in this journey. But before we recognize them, we have to thank God for creating the opportunities that brought us to this moment. Without his guidance, we would not have gotten very far! Two individuals we do want to recognize and truly thank are Payton & Hannah Kaleiwahea (Owners of Kingdom Built Media). They have become our closest friends and a large part of that is a result of their hospitality, kindness, and generosity. Payton consistently supported us and provided us with the necessary resources to keep the momentum going with Beeleaf Creative. We thank them and love them dearly.

Website: www.beeleafcreative.com
Instagram: @beeleaf_creative

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