Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making.  And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck.  We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Gina Alvo | Entrepreneur & Strauss Wellness Inc. Founder

There are two factors that I consider had most effect for the success of Silvia Strauss: The first one is having a high quality product. Different from other brands, this collagen have ingredients you will not find anywhere else , in addition, we are helping consumers to have a healthy lifestyle, they report feeling better and for this reason they recommend our product. That is our best advertisement. The second, and not less important, is having a clear goal and working towards it. Never giving up despite obstacles that have come my way. Read more>>

Matt Higgins | Founder & CEO

Coava began roasting with a focus on single origin, specialty coffees back in 2008. Our mission is to source, roast, and brew truly exceptional coffees that both baristas and everyday coffee drinkers will love. Yet as much as our story is about coffee, it’s really about people first and foremost. Coava is committed to long term, sustainable partnerships with coffee producers. We’ve worked closely with a small group of truly excellent producers for over a decade, and we are absolutely invested in their success. We’ve helped to build new drying beds, improve living conditions, and provide the financial means to help farmers purchase new equipment and make farm level investments. We believe in direct trade, fair prices, and paying a premium for quality. Another critical component of our success is our team. Read more>>

Barb Miltenberger | Blogger & North County Influencer

Success? What defines it? It depends who you are asking. For me it is not about how many people are following my page, but are my followers engaged? Am I making an impact in my community? Is there an immediate need for what I do? As sole contributor to Around The Town, does my work fulfill me and make me happy? I believe these are the most important questions for me to ask myself, and I believe the answer to all is a resounding YES! Read more>>

Kathleen Macken | Maker of Organic Skin Care

Mindset. I had to step back from Lucky Kat Lotion for about a year so I could learn to process things that were not serving myself, my family, and my business. I learned and now have the gift of a healthy mindset with useful tools I can access at anytime to help push through challenges that previously held me back. Knowing that I am confident, abundant, and knowledgeable in what I do, has been game changing. Read more>>

Darren Solomon | Co-Founder

Being resilient and relentless in moving forward with our vision and mission for Kid Ventures. As a small business owner, you come across many different obstacles (and opportunities) along the journey and it’s having a mindset of not giving up and finding a way no matter what that has enabled us to grow and live true to our goal of creating an amazing place for children to thrive. Read more>>