TV, Movies, and culture in general sometimes paints a narrow, specific image of what success is, but we know from our conversations with some of the best and brightest that success can mean vastly different things to different people.

Maresa Talbert | Founder and CEO, Talbert Law Office APC

Initially, I defined success as earning a certain amount of income. Over time, the definition evolved to enjoying my own autonomy. Once I found my own autonomy, I realized that it wasn’t enough. While I had the independence to choose my own working hours or choose how and when I worked, I did not have ability to not work without consequence. Read more>>

Fiona Tran | Founder, FT The Label

There are a lot of different definitions of success: fame, money, network, the list can go on- mine is fulfillment and happiness. A few years ago I would’ve gone with the traditional definitions of success but as years have gone by, I realized the other forms are success are driven by how other people perceive you. Fame is fleeting, and you never know how long it’ll last or how it will look on you. The problem with this is that you also don’t have control over your own narrative. Read more>>

Jenn Goldberg | Custom Jewelry Designer + Owner of JULES GREY JEWELS

When I think of all my goals with JULES GREY JEWELS, the biggest and most important to me is creating happiness and confidence for both myself and other women, every day, from the inside out. Starting this small business and creative outlet for my future has been quite a journey with no shortage of obstacles, but I already feel an overwhelming amount of achievement, and I’m proud of everything I’ve learned along the way. It really is a dream come true, and there’s a feeling of accomplishment when I just think about all the growing pains and gains. Designing beautiful and meaningful jewelry with an ocean view in Cardiff while also spending time with family and friends allows me the opportunity to be creative and also be present in my happiness. I truly love producing jewelry that makes me just as happy as it does those who receive it. Read more>>