One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Yesenia Rodriguez | Children’s Book Author, Educator & Cosmetologist

My endeavor as a self-published author began almost a year ago. It started as an idea, something to mark off my bucket list at the start of the pandemic, and that idea has continued to develop since then. It has always been a dream of mine to write a children’s picture book. I knew that writing a book could have a positive impact on those around me, mainly my daughter. As I continued to research what it takes to self-publish a picture book, I considered selling my book while making a young audience aware of the messages in my story. I thought it could have a positive impact on readers while introducing them to characters that are not widely represented. I realize that writing my story has given me a sort of platform to encourage others to write their stories and more. I began doing virtual classroom visits for various age groups across the country. Read more>>

Kaitlin Reed | Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

I guide individuals in their healing and transformation journey. When we heals ourselves, we heal our families and our communities. When we heal our families and communities, we heal the world. Read more>>

Jennifer West | Herbalist & Holistic Wellness Practitioner

I’ve often wondered about the impact Plant Mama Alchemy has on the community. At the beginning of the pandemic, I got my answer. I always set an intention to serve and to be a beacon of hope in communities that could use shift in wellness. Plant Mama Alchemy provides accessibility to plant powered herbal remedies with the hopes of sparking a desire to include herbalism in everyday life. Read more>>

Torie Borrelli Hall | Integrative Nutritionist + Recipe Developer

Miscarriage is fairly common, but rarely shared. Anytime a woman becomes pregnant, her whole world shifts. Whether classified scientifically as an embryo, blastocyst or fetus, this small babe has likely shifted your life in every way. The moment we find ourselves pregnant, our hearts, bodies, minds and souls begin to expand. Our thoughts and imaginations run free, we begin to see this new life, see ourselves and our partners differently. Our current path starts to shift, as we plan for our new future. Oftentimes we envision it all, our baby, ourselves as mothers, our partners as parents, our parents as grandparents. When we are met with miscarriage we are met with all this loss. The loss of a life, not only the life of a baby, but the loss of our lives with this baby. It is important to give intention and mourn your loss. traditionally postpartum, we want mothers to rest. Unfortunately, because we are advised to not share our pregnancy until we are past the 1st trimester, many women mourn this loss and suffer in silence. Read more>>

Britt Henze | Lady Henze, Full Time Artist & Muralist

I am a huge proponent of art as a means of community engagement, pride and a catalyst for meaningful dialogue about social issues. For myself, I have a few causes or themes that are near and dear to my heart. I often paint about home, nostalgia, addiction, recovery, duality and being present in reality. Because my art is abstract, I not only write about the pieces, but include music to go along with them because music is something that unites all cultures. There is also always an open invitation for the viewer to infer their own meaning and share that too, I absolutely love when people give me feedback about what they see. I am most definitely happiest when I am out painting in the wild, engaging with people as they go about their everyday. I find That my personal transparency helps others engage me in an open and honest way. Read more>>

Corey Williams | Mixed Martial Arts Instructor

People walk into the school looking for a lot of different things. Some want to be able to protect themselves, some appreciate the sport and want to learn it, and some just want their kids to be more confident or listen better. Those things all get accomplished, but the subtle, underlying value in martial arts is that it grounds people. When you are sparring or grappling, your mind is focused in a way that is hard to describe. Training makes you present. I mean, it makes you truly present. The connection to your mind, body, and the moment you are in is unique. That presence helps people. It has helped me. Life wears people down in many different ways. We all struggle and we all deal. Training pulls you away from all that. Fighting is my meditation. Stepping away from the rest of the world and getting to work and grow with a team helps us get through it all. I always feel better mentally stronger and clearer after training. Read more>>