Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Jordan Watson | Independent Music Artist

I think risk taking has taken a huge role in my life and career. In many ways my life has been an array of risk, sometimes calculating risk, sometimes it was just reckless risk taking when I was younger. But the way I look at risk is, your life really won’t move forward without it to some degree! That’s why the risk taking Is so appealing but can also be so terrifying. Being an independent artist such as myself, every time we release a project it’s a risk because there’s no machine behind us. We’re betting on ourselves and taking that risk every time we drop music. Read more>>

Suna Kabadayi | Executive Coach, Corporate Consultant, Speaker

Am I a risk-taker? I would define myself as a safe player who looks for certainty, minimizing risk .’ Yet, several times in my life and career, I have taken the risk. I changed jobs, all we’re potent brands in their field, and finally, at the age of 30, I moved from a corporate dream job to start my own consultancy business when a specific career path was laid before me, Simply because I believed myself and wanted to do more. It allowed me to learn to be an entrepreneur at an early age. I found myself on tv interviews and wrote a book, and then found myself working with people on tv, EoS, and politicians… And then I decided to move to the USA at the age of 41 whereas I was very comfortable by all means and a pioneer consultant… Now I am here with my five-year-old daughter as a single mom… sometimes a boss or my family would tell me I was risking my career.” Read more>>

Bahija Humphrey | CEO

Risk taking has played a thematic role in my life. When I look back and assess my successes and my failures, where I have learned the most and when I have nudged my life up, I can trace it to a series of risks. I’m a big believer in taking smart risks. After graduating from UC Berkeley, I decided to move to New York. It was a risk to start my life in a city that I did not have any connection to, so I did what I could to make this move successful. I applied for jobs and didn’t move until I secured one. I looked for a place to live online and didn’t move until I had one lined up. When I landed in New York in the dead of winter, I had a place to live and a place to work waiting for me in the big city. It felt somehow less scary this way. The thing about risks is that you can do your best to prepare and think through potential outcomes, but at some point, you have to take the leap and go for it, and that is where growth exists. Read more>>

Paul Jimenez | Muralist | Ground Floor Murals

fight or flight. luckily, me and my partner were both fired from our jobs due to covid. So it really forced us to take the leap and risk of becoming a full time artist. another thing that helped the risk seem not so scary was doing it along side my art partner and girlfriend, covid 19 put us in a situation where we had no choice but to succeed. ive always worked well under pressure so the effects of the lockdown really put me in my element, creating a situation where we had no other possible choice. we would rather strive for our goals and dreams than abide by conventional means of living. in a way without taking risks, as individuals could not meet what it means to live a successful and fulfilled life. never have we ever felt so purposeful and we could not have done any of this without risk. Read more>>

Dan Hark | NXPT Founder

Risk and reward essentially summarize fitness and results, and pretty much summarize my path from the start of NXPT to where we are now. I began as a combat athlete, putting my body and health on the line for competition, justifying the risk with the reward of a medal, or cash prize. Transitioning from athlete to coach, the risk evolved from my own physical well being to the time and resources being poured into my athletes and getting the reward of their success. And leveling up from coach to business owner, risking everything for a belief in a service and system I created knowing that the hard work would create something I could build a family and provide for them on. I had instilled into me at a young age from coaches that “How you do anything, is how you do everything.” Risks are not something that should discourage you from something but instead act as a motivating factor. Read more>>

Skye Silver | Artist & Creative Professional

Risk taking is an evaluation of fear associated with stepping into unknown territory. It is stepping out of one’s comfort zone into unchartered waters. When fear is present and the main rationale for not taking action, these are the risk-taking moments that, if defied, catapult us into a new level of growth and discovery. I welcome risk; when it seeps in, I know I have reached stagnation. When we are stagnant, we are no longer evolving. Risk taking is the uncomfortable but necessary gut check to help us all get to the next level. Major life decisions associated with risk had the highest payoffs in my life—from transferring colleges, a career 180, moving to the other side of the country, starting a business during COVID, and saying goodbye to people I deeply love. I’d rather aim big and fail, then live with the remorse of regretting never having tried. Without these life-altering decisions, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. Read more>>