One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Raphael Romano | Co-Founder of The Ginastica Natural Method

The Ginastica Natural Method is something that increase quality of life and well being. Using only your body weight and understanding how to breathe and how to control that function in our body its something that can be a life changer for anyone. Read more>>

“Shameless” Shaleece Green | Podcast Hostess

My podcast strives to bring knowledge and a better understanding to things that happen to and around us that I believe many don’t quite fully understand. I cover a range of topics and in the process, I have been able to educate, connect, and enlighten others who want to better understand others and the world they live in. Although my following is still small, I have received numerous messages that encourage me to keep going. I’ve been told that I am great at speaking and that the message is always there and that I’m a relatable individual who “gets it.” In the future, I would love to expand to meet more individuals face to face and hold events where others who strive for change and understanding can all meet and connect. Read more>>

Andrew Zhao | Passionate Lightshow Artist and Entrepreneur

Throwlights is dedicated to providing lightshow artists with the tools and platform to give their best performances to larger audiences. I first discovered lightshows by going to electronic music festivals, known as raves, in 2009. From the moment I first saw it, I knew there was huge potential in this. Lightshows are just way too cool, and the culture is just too rich. There’s no way that this is a fad. There’s something very, very real here. Lightshows are an underground, emerging art form. It’s hard to explain what it is until you’ve seen it in person, at an event. Like many underground artforms, a large proportion of the artists are people who don’t fit into society’s regular mold. I’m a prime example of that. For most of my early life I was a rebel: a smart kid with entrepreneurial ambitions, but with a huge problem with authority. By building Throwlights and our vision, we give artists just like me (and some not quite like me), the opportunity to reach larger audiences with their lightshows and to monetize their passions. Read more>>

Allison Whitt | Principal of DesignX Architecture + Interiors

Every space we choose to spend time in impacts us, which is why good design is so important. Nothing has a more immediate effect on our mood and well-being than our surroundings. Light, color, texture, sound – we may not be conscious of each individual element, but they all work simultaneously to affect our sense of being at any given moment. Our awareness of this is the first step to making our environments work for us rather than allowing them to merely exist, or worse, to work against us. I got into design because of it’s power that excites and inspires me. Design is not only my profession, but it is my passion. In essence, I believe that great design not only has the ability to make our lives feel more beautiful, but also more peaceful, more organized, and more purposeful. Read more>>

Josephh Hurst | Musician

In these times i feel people need a positive message and uplifting sound and vibe especially the younger generation that is fed so much garbage through TV and social media , one kind word can literally change the corse of a person’s day i believe. Read more>>

Amy Lajiness | Psychotherapist & Ecotherapist

I’m a Psychotherapist and Ecotherapist, so my day-to-day work includes supporting my clients’ mental health, as well as connecting them with the natural world. During the pandemic, this has often looked like meeting my clients outdoors and providing therapy in a beautiful setting, away from the stressors of home and the digital world many of us find ourselves in for many hours per day. Getting people into nature not only supports their mental health, but also creates a sense of connection to our world. It is important to me that my work facilitates people falling in love with our beautiful Earth, with in turn will lead to each of us taking steps to protect our environment so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come. Read more>>